‘Smash’ recap: Previews

This week on ‘Smash’, the show finally opened…kind of. There were previews, which is a 3-performance run so the higher ups can gauge the response of the crowd. And it went terrifically, minus this:

Apparently Marilyn’s suicide doesn’t exactly bring about a standing ovation. Probably because it’s depressing as hell. So now Tom and Julia have to write a new ending, which makes sense because this one was terrible. But Julia won’t talk to Tom because of the whole Michael thing WHICH IS STILL ENTIRELY HER FAULT.

Michael actually tried to kiss Julia because he’s an idiot, and she was like, “Hell no.” And then blamed Tom. Again. I really hate this plot line; it was good at first and now I’m just completely over it.

Also, Dev is visiting. YAY DEV! And by yay, Dev, I mean, whattheactualhell, Dev? He slept with Ivy last episode (which, by the way, opens this week’s episode), and now he’s proposing to Karen again because she basically begged him to. But guess who can’t find the ring because it’s in his SINFUL IVY HOTEL BED. Stupid.


Sam tricks everyone into going to church, and it’s the most awkward religious plug I’ve ever seen on television. It involves (of course) Karen singing. Which brings Ivy to tears, which is weird, because Ivy is clearly an evil cyborg.


Rebecca knowingly ingested a sabotaged smoothie because she’s afraid of failure, which means that ONCE AGAIN, the part of Marilyn is up to either Ivy or Karen. DUN DUN DUN. I’m pretty sure that Ellis is the┬ásaboteur, but I’m just throwing out suggestions here. Thoughts?

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