5 Ways How I Met Your Mother is like Friends

I’ve always been a fan of FRIENDS. In fact, I marathoned FRIENDS in 2010. Currently, I’m catching up on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and I started to notice a few similarities. Here’s the Top 8 reasons HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is the newest FRIENDS.


This seems obvious but New York City plays a major role in both shows. The irony is that both shows shot in Los Angeles.


The more I sat down and thought of it, the more some of the characters seemed pretty similar.


Smart, professor. Brilliant in life but not so great with girls. Was roommates with Marshall/Chandler in college.


Career oriented. More shallow and self-obsessed than Lily/Monica. Dates Ted/Ross.


Dominate one in marriage to Marshall/Chandler. Often the reasonable one of the group.


Nice, lovable guy. Married to Lily/Monica. Hates his job.


This is fairly obvious but they both love all ladies but eventually fall in love with Robyn/Rachel. It doesn’t work out but it’s proof that they can be in a real relationship.

There’s no “Phoebe” in HIMYM 🙁

3. Local Hangout

The gang needs somewhere to hang out and reconvene after a crazy week. On FRIENDS it was Central Perk, on HIMYM it’s MacLaren’s. But both have that place where everybody knows your name. (CHEERS reference…)

4. Humor

Although FRIENDS focused on all 6 characters, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is told from Ted’s point of view. But the humor is all the same. Robyn/Rachel can’t make up her mind. Marshall/Chandler can’t navigate work life. Ted/Ross has one bad date after another.

5. Themes

As much as people can argue that the two shows are different, the general premise is the same. A group of young, single adults trying to make it in New York City. It’s really as simple as that. And although FRIENDS began in 1994 (a very different time) and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER started in 2005, this premise will always work. People are intrigued by the city and the people who are successful in living there.

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  1. Of course, I haven’t watched all of either of them, just a few here and there, sharing time with my daughters yet I can see exactly what you’re saying! Very nice to see it all laid out! Thanks, Heather!

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