A Chat with Jason Ritter: GRAVITY FALLS and it’s “mysterious mystery”

The other day I got to have a lovely chat with Jason Ritter about his new Disney Channel show GRAVITY FALLS, his role in Season 4 of PARENTHOOD and what TV shows he can’t get enough of. Here’s why Jason’s excited about his new show GRAVITY FALLS, premiering June 29th on Disney Channel.

theTVsisters.com: I’m excited to see GRAVITY FALLS this week.

Jason Ritter: Yeah. Me too. I’m really excited to share it with everybody. It’s so funny because I’ve never been involved with a cartoon before so you know, they take a long time to get ready. You know, it’s been a couple years with these guys and I can’t wait to show everybody.

theTVsisters: What what the process like to do this show?

JR: You know, it’s interesting. I didn’t really ever think of cartoons doing pilots and things like that for some reason. It seemed like a totally separate world. But that’s essentially what we did. I auditioned for the part, I ended up getting it and we did a pilot. And then by the time Disney picked it up, I was working on another show and the show wouldn’t let me do GRAVITY FALLS. And I was really heartbroken! And I did that show for an entire year and you know, any time I thought of GRAVITY FALLS I got really sad because I knew they were re-casting me. And then my show got cancelled and they still hadn’t found a replacement for me so I was able to go back and do it. So it all worked out perfectly and I feel very lucky that I get to work with these amazing people.

theTVsisters: Wow. So that was a really long time that the whole thing took.

JR: Yeah. It’s been a very, very long road with all of them.

theTVsisters: I’ve seen a preview of the show and it looks funny and smart. I’m just wondering if it’s a Kids Only show or if you think adults will enjoy it too?

JR: I think adults will enjoy it too. I think that the humor is so strange and off the wall. I just think that, at least for me, as a fellow grown up, when I’m reading these scripts I’m laughing out loud. And we’re in the studio recording and we’re all laughing. They’re just such bizarre and incredible, strange characters. And, I don’t know, I think everyone will hopefully like them all as much as we all do.

theTVsisters: So are the scripts what first drew you to the show?

JR: Yeah. It was the sense of humor and then it was also the sort of mysterious mystery. You know. Those mysterious kinds of mysteries. The mysterious element and the element of surprise. You think you know where the show is going in any given episode and then all of the sudden, there’s this amazing curveball that you didn’t see coming. It’s just so much fun and it’s an exciting show to watch. It’s exciting.

theTVsisters: Is each episode it’s own mystery or are there overarching mysteries for the whole season?

JR: There are overarching mysteries for the whole season but each episode is it’s own special, separate thing. They’ve really been experimenting with different kinds of animation and there’s a lot of surprises that they have coming for people who watch the show.

theTVsisters: It has a really unique look.

JR: Yeah. The animators have been doing an incredible job and they’ve got all these great background artists. And the music is great. I feel like Disney’s really gotten behind this show and wanted to make it as good as we possibly could.

Check out what Jason had to say about PARENTHOOD and the shows he can’t get enough of later this week. Here’s a preview of GRAVITY FALLS, which premieres this Friday (June 29th) at 9:30

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