REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Blackwater”

Hey guys I didn’t forget, sorry I was on vacation. But I finished A Dance with Dragons over the break (holy flippin moly) and finally caught up with Game of Thrones and my goodness gravy this episode was a doozy and my brain imploded. I love how they restricted the whole episode to the battle and Kings Landing instead of bouncing all around Westeros.

Davos’s pov at the very beginning was reminiscent of the calm before the storm. But the nervousness of the sailors that was felt on that boat translated to the audience’s own build up to what was to come. God Davos’s son is a devout one isn’t he, clearly in Martin’s world devotion to any god will not save you from wildfire however. Also the painful part of the show is that you spend time with all different sides that you manage to find characters you like from each family and area. So clearly you never know when your favorite character may die. Poor Davos.

This line just cracked me up at a very tense scene.

Cersei, drinking and plotting, seriously sometimes her brain just needs a break.

What?! Bronn just sang The Rains of Castamere (and now the song is stuck in my head)! The chat with The Hound was great, it wasn’t in the book but these two should have definitely interacted at some point. And George Martin directed the episode so in my mind it’s canon.

Varys is definitely head puppeteer around here now that Littlefinger’s gone. Podrick is showcased, throw the kid some lines at the very least. But obviously it makes sense to bring him back in this episode and Varys asking if Tyrion trusts him (Podrick) was a nice touch.

Sansa in the show is a lot more of a badass then the books at least when it comes to talking to Joffrey. Even though I read the books I was a little worried when she went to kiss Joffrey’s sword. “The worst ones always live”, does this mean Sansa will go through an emo stage next season? The Hounds exasperation with obeying Joffrey is crystal clear in that one expression.

Davos is no fool, he knows something is up, that comes from being a seasoned pirate.

Oh Cersei, watch yourself with that wine, I forgot that this is the scene where she gets schwasted.

Finally after skulking about King’s Landing the whole season he gets the most badass position.

*Jaw dropped* Now I know where the post production cost went, that explosion was fantastic. The single arrow and screams of the sailors was chilling. Beautiful touch with The Hound flinching (Let’s not forget that his one fear is fire).

Oh dear Stannis is just as ruthless as a Lannister, rash as a Baratheon and honorable as a Stark.

Great Cersei, get Sansa drunk and try to get her guard down. So glad they kept Cersei’s line of a woman’s best weapon being between her legs. Seriously how messed up of a woman do you think Sansa will become (and people think Daenerys has problems)? The low blow that Cersei brought up rape around Sansa was painful. Also seeing the two sides of the battle and women was great. Lancel and Cersei was great as well, because that was true to the book.

Truer words were never spoken in all of Westeros, for all time.

“Any man dies with a clean sword, I’ll rape his fucking corpse.”, “Fuck the City, fuck the Kingsguard, fuck the King”. I’m sorry people do you now finally understand why The Hound is fantastic? So glad they kept the scene where he is definitely getting overwhelmed by the fire, drinks and tells off Tyrion (in the book Tyrion realized that The Hound was terrified of the fire, wonder if he’ll mention that in the next episode)? Joffrey realizing the Hound abandoned him (I mean who saw that one coming)? And now getting a chance to run back to his mom and taking it illustrates just how cowardly he is, which we knew from his first fight with Arya. Originally Tyrion used the 1/2 a man line straight to The Hounds face and that was the last straw for the Hound, but Tyrion using it for one of the weirdest pep rallies I have ever seen before battle was hilarious.

Sansa showing off her “future Queenly” skills to try and comfort the women who Cersei just abandoned was beautiful. So glad that they kept the Sansan scene. Played out a little differently in the book where Sandor threatens Sansa to sing under knife point, he cries, leaves her his Kingsguard cloak and leaves. Also in the book Sansa keeps the cloak with her. Sansa finally looking the Hound in the face I think helps her character growth into a woman. But this scene works because Sansa trusts Sandor but not enough, especially when he is drunk and in her chambers, fair enough, that’s probably common sense on her part. In my mind I would want to be as far away from the Lion’s Den as possible.

This pic sums up my face throughout this whole episode.

Tyrion realizing his mistake was a stroke of genius, as he is rarely outsmarted. So glad they kept Podrick’s rescue as well.

Cersei drunk on the Iron Throne with Tommen was chilling, because if anything Joffrey deserves to die not poor Tommen.

Renly! He’s back! Oh wait, ahh that makes sense “tip of the hat” to you Knight of Flowers. Tyrells and Tywin Lannister to the rescue, though I suppose all credit is due to the ultimate gamemaster, Littlefinger.

The very last minute rescuers, reminiscent of Gandalf and Helm’s Deep. Actually this whole episode reminds me of The Two Towers. Hmmm….

The end scene with Stannis being dragged away form the battle was heartbreaking. Forget Robb Stark I change my team to Stannis. I can do that right?

This episode exceeded my expectations, which I didn’t think was possible. I mean the Rains of Castamere song alone will haunt my nightmares and I honestly don’t know who will live or die and there’s still one episode left. So reminiscent of last years “Baelor” episode. And now the finale, oh goodness, I think it’ll serve mainly as a purpose to tie up loose ends elsewhere?

Cool cool cool. Not much to say except I've been obsessed with TV since I was a baby. Seriously my mom said I spent hours eating because Sesame Street would be on TV. I grew up a child of the nineties so like most kids from that time, my brain is mush and full of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Saturday morning cartoons. Since this was way before the invention of Tivo/Dvrs I literally had to run to the TV and try and hog it from the family. Just a heads up I don't really like the typical review format so get used to some strangeness up ahead (in a good way, I hope)!Also, if you dare, you can check out more random thoughts at or I'm on the twitter @rakhEEnroLL

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