REVIEW: Young Justice: Invasion “Depths”

What. Just. Happened?! My head is still spinning after watching this episode. After Game of Thrones ended I thought I’d be out of a great drama to watch but damn it Greg Weisman (and team of awesome writers), you did it again.

Tim Curry! Great job of expanding his role in the show.

And back to Palo Alto, please tell me we get to see Artemis in this episode. I love Wally but we’ve seen plenty of him lately.

Yay! I wonder if they’ll touch upon why they retired in the first place.

What could go wrong? OMG I swear if they kill Artemis (It’ll be ballsy so I’ll definitely keep watching) but C’mon!

Ok I really hate Miss Martian right now. At the beginning of the series I tolerated her but now she reminds me of Jean Grey from X-Men Evolution (NOT a favorite of mine).

Blah blah, angstyness and high school drama blah.

I love Godfrey pointing out that Manhunter’s name does not exactly strike reassurance among humans.

The stereotype of the water guy is not fair, true, but I mean that is what you do, so deal with it Lagoon Boy.You don’t see Artemis complaining about being pulled in for her archer skills. Additionally I like the conflict of bringing in a hero out of retirement.

What, what? M’Gann tried wiping out Connor’s mind, she is unscrupulous (word of the day, and better then what I’m really thinking).

“There is no static on a psychic link”.

Kaldur, really taking this evil thing seriously.

Nice to know coming out of retirement does not make you that rusty. Also this must mean she still trains on some level, just in case.

If Miss Martian passes out, shouldn’t she revert to her original form?

Kaldur killed Artemis! No what! *Yanking out hair* This isn’t real. So. many. emotions.

Whatever you think of Aqualad is irerelevant this look of pure evil is a standout moment for him.

Nightwing is going to be kicking himself.

Kid Flash and The Arrows will not be pleased.

Okay just breathe. Please tell me Kaldur is undercover and used sorcery or something and Artemis will be fine. Don’t let it be permanent.

Oh god there’s a wake. Nice mention from Mal of wondering where Nightwing is, and finding out that he has the worst job out of all of them.

Aww the high school picture of Dick and Artemis.

Be still my heart.

I’m sorry I can’t hear you, there’s too much rejoicing in my head

I knew it! So called that! Aqualad way deep undercover. Augh this show and the flashbacks.

Why are you giving bling to my dead girlfriend?

Slow clap writers, those were the tensest 22 minutes of my life in a while.

Best team of deep cover operatives ever!

Wally called it, things just got way more dangerous. And poor Kaldur will have murder on his head.

And now it all makes sense as to why Nightwing went on the mission in the first place.

But why are Miss Martian and Superboy left out of the loop? *cough* because they suck *cough* I kid, but really I am sort of glad.

Also why and where did Artemis go with Kaldur?

After this episode I fully embrace the five year gap and honestly don’t mind if we keep moving forward. Did not think I would be okay with that until just now.

Hmm so many questions each week, for now, just, make the room stop spinning please!

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