Catch up on ‘Fringe’ before Season 5 Premiere!


Season 5 is the final season of Fringe, so let’s get a refresher before it goes down. It averages out to about 2 episodes per day (13-15 eps per week) in order to get through them all. Here’s the schedule I’ve come up with to keep everyone in the general vicinity of each other so we can chat using the hashtag “#FringeReplay” on Twitter. Each week starts on a Monday and ends on a weekend so everyone can play catch up! Also, I’ve schedule one episode per day leading up to the premiere. I can’t wait to talk Fringe with you and catch things for the first time upon a second watch ­čÖé

Week 1 (August 13-19): Season 1 Episodes 1-14 (14 episodes)

Week 2 (August 20-26): Season 1 Episodes 15-20; Season 2, Episodes 1-9 (15 episodes)

Week 3 (August 27-September 2): Season 2 Episodes 10-23 (14 episodes)

Week 4 (September 3-9): Season 3 Episodes 1-13 (13 episodes)

Week 5 (September 10-16): Season 3, Episodes 14-22; Season 4, Episodes 1-4 (13 episodes)

Week 6 (September 17-23): Season 4, Episodes 5-17 (13 episodes)

September 24: Season 4, Episode 18

September 25: Season 4, Episode 19

September 26: Season 4, Episode 20

September 27: Season 4, Episode 21

September 28: Season 4, Episode 22 AND Season 5, Episode 1

Let’s get pumped about Season 5 of Fringe!

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