5 Things You Can Expect from the CASTLE Season 5 Premiere!

If you’re like me, you weren’t sure what to think at the end of Season 4 of Castle. I had mixed feelings. Was I happy that we were possibly on the verge of a Castle/Beckett romantic relationship? Or was I terrified that their continued sexual tension may fizzle out and ruin the show?

Well, now that I’ve seen an early preview of the Castle Season 5 Premiere, I can give you a few hints as to what you can expect when Castle returns on September 24th for Season 5.

5 Things to Expect from the Season 5 Premiere

  1. Plot questions left hanging at the end of Season 4 (Beckett’s career, Ryan & Espesito’s friendship, Castle/Beckett make-out, the case) are all addressed in the premiere.
  2. Everything isn’t perfectly wrapped up though.
  3. Castle keeps the humor you’d expect from him in awkward situations.
  4. It’s not “a dream” and no one gets amnesia in the premiere.
  5. Alexis has a rough night. Castle’s night wasn’t as crappy 🙂

For the rest, watch the Castle Season 5 premiere on September 24th at 10pm on ABC.

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