How Breaking Bad Will End.

Now that we’ve had more than a few days to soak in the season 5 mid-season finale of Breaking Bad, it’s fair to say that everyone’s reaction is probably still:


Ok now that that’s out of our system (at least for the mean time), let’s talk about a bigger finale: the SERIES finale. From the moment this season started, I always believed there were only two possible ways this show could end: 1. Walt dies or 2. Jesse dies. After “Gliding All Over,” I’m unfortunately leaning more towards the second option. Here’s why.

First off, it has been determined long ago that despite the fact that this is a drama, Breaking Bad has been using its plotlines to further prove Newton’s Laws more specifically, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” If Walt kills this person, something just as bad is going to fight back and hinder his plans of building his meth empire. Keeping that in mind, there are several clues throughout this mid-season finale pointing out the inevitable demise of Jesse Pinkman.

1. COLOR – I discovered during the fifth season that every character in the Breaking Bad universe is a color in the color spectrum. Each character started off as representing one color and all of its traits and has shifted as the series progressed. Skyler was blue (get it, SKYler) and has slowly started transitioning into purple. Walt began as muted green fading into the background most of time and has now begun to pop with bolder colors and so on and so forth. In “Gliding All Over” there were two major color shifts: Marie and Jesse.

Marie, whose color spectrum was the most blatant out of all the characters, changed dramatically from purple to yellow. Purple stands for a caretaker and hope, which Marie to a tee considering she was in the medical field and was literally the only character who was able to distance herself from the wrath that is Heisenberg. In the last scene of the mid-season finale, she is wearing yellow. In all honesty, it freaked me out. Yellow helps jolt memory (Hank in the bathroom, anyone?) and also is worn when a person is trying to outwardly express a feeling of happiness.

Jesse started off the series as the color red. Red stands for passion, rage, and leadership. His name PINKman (a shade of red) stands for loyalty and friendship. He usually wore red, his car was red, his furniture was red, even his lighter was red. At the beginning of this season, he is the only character whose color palette seems to be fading. He’s stared to wear only gray and black tones and his futon cover (which used to be solid red) changed in this episode. It’s now gray and black with only a hint of red. Could the slow phasing out of his color spectrum mean his light (wave spectrum, what what) will eventually go out?

2. MAGNETS – The beginning of the season coined the new Jesse Pinkman catchphrase of “MAGNETS!” and also showcased the brilliance Jesse has grown into the past four seasons. It didn’t hit me until after the episode was over that Jesse probably described his own death.

Magnets have a north pole and a south pole. However, for this specific purpose, I’m going to call them “positive” and “negative”. With magnets, opposites attract. A positive has to connect with a negative in order for a magnetic field to be activated. Hank has always been the moral compass of the show (also kind of ironic since compasses work due to magnets). He’s been the ultimate good in comparison to Walt’s ultimate bad. In other words, he’s the positive. Jesse, though he started off as a negative, has started to become a positive even more so in season five. He took it the hardest when the little boy was killed. He still feels guilty that he pointed a gun at Walt. It was his idea to get out of the meth business. He actually got out of the meth business. He has become a positive. With Walt passing off his money and Mike’s gun to Jesse, he’s setting Jesse up as Heisenberg. I would not be surprised if one of the final scenes is two positive ends of the magnet are being forced together in a showdown. When you put like poles of magnet together, they begin to resist and cause the ultimate conflict. Could the concept of magnets be setting up a high noon like stand off between Hank and Jesse?

So here it is. Here is what I think the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad will be. Hank has connected the dots; he knows that Walt is somehow involved with Gus Fring and Heisenberg. The thing is, no matter how stupid his decisions are, Walt IS a smart guy. He’s going to spend the majority of the remaining eight manipulating Hank into thinking that his and Jesse’s roles are actually reversed. Jesse will be depicted as Heisenberg and Walt as the accessory. Walt will cooperate with the DEA to maybe reduce his sentence and help them get Jesse while at the same time convince Jesse that they will continue on with their partnership (or rather their IONIC BOND) and deal with them as they’ve dealt others. The show will end in the definitive stand off between these two positive ends of the magnet, Hank and Jesse, and Jesse will ultimately fall. Because you know, this show is called Breaking BAD and it has to end tragically. The death of Jesse Pinkman, a kid who was a small time dealer who was manipulated into this heavy weight meth player and then tried his best to become a good person again, will be Walt’s masterpiece in his road of destruction.

In the end, it’s all just science.

What'd you think?