Dexter Season 7 Premiere “Are You…?

After what was, in my opinion, the best season of Dexter thus far, I was expecting a lot from the Dexter Season 7 premiere. What I got was so much more. In just the first 15 minutes of the show, we were subjected to so many HOLY CRAP moments. Deb helping Dexter covering up his murder of Travis, Maria finding Dexter’s blood slide in the church grate, Mike getting shot in cold blood. Just whoa. What a season premiere.

For a quick recap, season six ended with Dexter finally giving up on trying to save Travis (brilliantly and beautifully portrayed by the wonderful Colin Hanks) after Travis attempts to sacrifice Harrison. The last shot we see is Deb walking in on Dexter killing Travis at the alter. Talk about awkward.

Thankfully, season seven begins right at that very moment. Dexter explains how he has a moment where he just snapped and Deb, for the mean time, believes him and becomes his accomplice in making Travis’s death seem like a suicide. As the episode progresses, Deb starts to question what exactly went on. Deb is a damn good detective so it’s only natural she begins to question Dexter’s explanation. Why was Travis covered in plastic? Why did he have a row knives prepared? The gloves? The rubber apron? Not to mention the eerie similarities to The Ice Truck Killer’s crime scenes. In a moment of panic, Dexter does the smart and completely rational thing: he finds, tracks and kills Mike’s killer.

Totally logically, guys. I don’t see the problem.

Dexter’s story is no longer lining up in Deb’s mind. Masuka is working late (Deb knows this) because Dexter agreed to come in early. Dexter told Jamie he was working late (Deb finds this out). The episode ends with Dexter coming home from yet another successful kill to find Deb sitting there with all his kill tools and blood slides out. In the open. For everyone to see. He admits to her that he’s killed all those people. He admits he’s a serial killer.

I just don’t even know.

While I would love to deconstruct every single tiny facial expression Michael C. Hall effortlessly displays on screen, let’s pace ourselves. It’s only the first episode. The one thing I do want to discuss is the flashback sequences. It shows Deb and Dexter as children. Deb gets a dog. Harry takes away dog. Deb is upset. Harry stops Dexter from telling Deb the truth why her beloved Banjo has been taken from her and simply says that Dexter’s allergic to dogs. Harry then tells Dexter that he’s afraid that Dexter might’ve killed the dog and that he must never tell Deb the truth about himself because she would terrified of who he really is. Dexter replies with, “But she loves me.” And Harry reminds him, “No, she loves what she’s thinks you are.” The reason this whole sequence resonated with me was because it sparks the nature vs. nurture debate. Does Dexter innately possess this need to kill things or did Harry overreact to one thing he saw his son do when he was young? After all, we are super impressionable as children. If you tell a kid they’re a monster, they’re likely to believe they are one. As the audience, we know Dexter isn’t as heartless and disgusting as other serial killers. He was so shocked how different he was from Trinity. He felt so much guilt and anguish when he accidently killed people who didn’t truly deserve. He tried to save Travis last season. He’s not a monster. He is capable of compassion and love and normalcy. At the same time, he does seem to have this urge and addiction he just can’t seem to shake and all of that is something programmed into us. We all have the potential to be like Dexter, most of us just choose not to follow through with it.

I’m so excited to see where this show is going to go this season. I’ve never watched Dexter week to week and I picked a hell of a season to do so. Though I’ve loved every minute of the past six seasons, it was starting to become formulaic. Miami Metro stumbles upon an absolutely disgusting serial killer of the moment and Dexter tries to beat them to it. This is the first time that Dexter is going to have to deal with the fact that someone knows his dirty little secret. Yes, there are have been people who have known (Miguel, Lumen, Rudy, etc) or people who have suspected (Doakes, Quinn) but no one of real importance was exposed to it. Now that Deb knows (Deb, you know, the most important person in Dexter’s life) and is about to know everything, it’s about to be one hell of a ride.

What'd you think?