Grey’s Anatomy “Love the One You’re With”

I think we can agree that Grey’s Anatomy has always been about the characters more than the cases. And since the Season 8 finale last season, the trials of these characters has been even greater. I never could have predicted the deaths of Lexi and Mark. And for the brief moments when I thought Arizona might be dead, I thought the show would never recover. How do you recover from the deaths of 3 main characters at the very beginning of the 9th season?

But here we are this week with the survivors of the plane crash trying to decide if moving on is the right thing to do. Bailey struggles with feeling left behind. And Christina struggles to let go of Owen for both of their sakes. In the end, the most difficult decision isn’t whether or not to let go, but the timing. For the group of survivors, they’ve decided to fight another day. They couldn’t in good conscience settle without justice for Mark and Lexi. And Bailey was taught another lesson from Dr. Weber: that allowing others to move on allows you to move on too. Christina had been clinging onto her life in Seattle. Without letting that (Owen) go, she couldn’t truly embrace her new life and try to be happy with it.

Meanwhile, April and Jackson are the comic relief. All April wants to do is move on from her minor sexual run-in with Jackson and re-virginize herself. Too bad she’s a hot mess and he’s always taking his shirt off somewhere. The last thing he wants to do is forget. And I don’t think she will be for quite a while.

Arizona and Callie are probably the most heartbreaking case of them all. Callie wasn’t even in the plane crash but has been the most impacted. Now that her and Arizona have had a full-clothed shower breakdown, will things change? Can they be honest with each other about their feelings? They certainly have the longest path of recovery but they appear to be moving in the right direction.

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