REVIEW: Bob’s Burgers “Full Bars”

Ugh, with the past news of Community being postponed, I’m a little bummed out. NBC, you’re doing it wrong! But at least there is still hilarious comedy out there like Bob’s Burgers, for instance.

Can’t believe it’s the Halloween episode already though! I should probably see if that means there’s no new episodes until after Halloween. And there is a new episode October 21st. Good to know šŸ™‚

For this episode however the store next door is “Year-Round Halloween” Store with a sign in the window saying they’re closed for Halloween, LOVE it.

Gotta love everyone’s (minus Bob’s) costumes. Louise as Sad Wolverine/Edward Scissorhands (Bravo on Linda with the comic-book reference), Tina as a Mommy Mummy, single, Gene as Queen Latifah complete with the Mmm’s. And of course Linda’s mom-friendly mermaid costume.

Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before but this show does a great job utilizing music in scenes.

The bad start to Halloween, every kid that grew up in America and went Trick-or-Treating knows this to be true.

Never noticed it before but considering Teddy has been in nearly every episode of this show we know next to nothing about his home life so i love the party idea.And how Bob could NOT extract himself from the situation.

I should threaten people who don’t at least TRY to dress up for Halloween (I mean even bunny tails count) with a fat suit. Best. Purchase. Ever.

Eat like a Queen! I see what you did there Gene.

Love how Mort’s conveniently an Inspector for Halloween, appears AFTER the murder and not even considered part of the investigation. That I didn’t see coming.

Full bars! Trick-or-Treat win!

Tina with her King’s land and America comment. And Gene yelling, “It’s Helen Hunt!”

Love the kid’s commenting on his flirting techniques. “He should be himself” “He should be someone else”, Tina and Louise respectively.

I see they’re bringing a few background characters into the episodes, like the Simpsons.

You can’t outrun Number One! Yes you can!

Tina’s epic battle music, I want that as a soundtrack for my life.

I banish you from the Land of Latifah!

Get all your farts out now, before we get there. And of course taco on the toilet. Oh Gene only 11 and you’ve already learned so much!

For some reason all I could think of were Lock, Shock and Barrel. Kids, not the movie.

Best part of the episode was the phone fail, oooo so close.

The Teddy party storyline felt a little blah to me. Obviously it was going to be Bob, I mean c’mon. Classic shenanigans, but I thought this show could’ve done better. The kids definitely carried this episode well.

Best part of Bob’s Burgers, the family getting together at the end of the day and just hanging out. Can’t find a more real family anywhere else on TV now, except maybe Parenthood.

Back after Oct 21st with “Bob Fires the Kids” Hmmm… wonder what that one’s about…

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