CASTLE Goes Nerdy in ‘The Final Frontier’

Things get nerdy this coming Monday on CASTLE when there’s a murder at a Sci-Fi convention on the set of a eerily familiar, unjustly cancelled sci-fi show. But don’t worry, the team is on the case. I asked for some Twitter questions about the episode, so I’ve answer the NON-SPOILER ones below in more than 140 characters 🙂

Yes! Although this episode of Castle has some inside jokes for Firefly fans, there’s still plenty to enjoy for any non-nerdy lovers of the show. And we even get some insight into Beckett’s past, which any fan of the show will love.

No specifics, but I’ll say that I’m happy with how the writers are treating the relationship on the show. Every week we get a little more insight but nothing over the top. After last week’s very dramatic episode, this one is certainly back to the lighthearted side of their relationship while still showing some depth.

The whole “Caskett” relationship seems to be on the down-low around the office still. Last week Castle and Beckett discovered that Ryan and Esposito know about their relationship but it’s still a secret for sure. No big announcements coming on Monday. Sorry!

Oddly no reference to any other episodes actually. This one’s like a stand-alone. That’s why I’m a little confused as to why it didn’t air the week of Halloween. Could have easily been before.

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