SCANDAL Keeps Us Guessing

It’s almost cruel that after last episode’s cliffhanger, we have to wait two weeks for a new episode of SCANDAL. But luckily I’ve seen the next episode and can give a little insight.

Next week on SCANDAL, the President is out of the country leaving Olivia some breathing room. But Cyrus gets a little more personal at work when his husband joins the White House Press Corp. And the case this week? I’ll just say that it involves a state Governor whom Olivia has a bit of a history with. Huck gets out of the office for some fun and Abby has to choose between personal and professional loyalties.

I asked for some questions on Twitter and I’ve answered them below 🙂

Yes, Fitz is still out of the country. Which I enjoy even though I like Fitz. It’s great to see Olivia away from Fitz and focused on other problems. I love Fitz and hope he’s back soon but I like Olivia getting some breathing room and time to actually try to move on.

Yes, in a way. Olivia for sure deals with the impact of Fitz letting her go this week, but it’s not a main focus. And you know Olivia isn’t one to flat out admit what’s bothering her. So yes, she is dealing with it this episode but it’s by no means resolved!

Have another question? You can still tweet them to @NerdHeather or leave them in the comments. I’ll update the page with more questions as they come in. Happy weekend and see you next Thursday for the new episode of SCANDAL!

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