PARENTHOOD breaks hearts…again.

It’s not difficult for me to talk about PARENTHOOD to every person I meet. I find that with so many great actors, characters, storylines, etc, I can always find something that will entice a new viewer. But at the same time, I realize that I’m also ruining these people. Recently, one of the other “TV Sisters”, Paris saw a tweet I had written about PARENTHOOD and responded with her own tweet saying how she needs to start watching the show. My head was screaming “Yes! Yes! A million times yes!”, but I knew that I was inviting her to have her heart broken over and over and over again by this show. Everyone should watch PARENTHOOD but CAUTION! WARNING! and all of those other emojis that I’d like to insert here.

This week, Sarah and Mark broke up. For serious, this isn’t okay. As much as there are 25 other heartbreaking things that happen week to week, watching Mark sit at that table and tell Sarah that he was done, was possibly the most difficult to watch (Other than all of those big, macho construction workers being mean to Matt Lauria!). For once, I was glad to get back to a scene where Christina was smoking pot or Amber was trying to hold The Luncheonette together for the billionth time. And yes, normally the heartbreak is balanced by really happy things, like Crosby’s determination to keep Adam from being stressed and Julia’s desperation to be a good mother. But the truth of the matter is, you will get attached and you will be sad and happy and lots of other feelings.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I’m recommending PARENTHOOD to you, I either really love you or I hate your breathing guts. You’re welcome.

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