REVIEW: Parenthood Season 4 Finale

I can admit to you that I wasn’t ready for the PARENTHOOD Season 4 finale. After a depressing post-FRINGE weekend and the anticipation of a 30 ROCK Series Finale, I wasn’t ready for my other must-watch show to be leaving (even though it seems like it will likely be returning). So where would Season 4 leave us? Tonight’s Season 4 finale tied up most of the season story lines  Let’s take it slow and breakdown where everyone is.

Adam & Kristina (plus kids)

What a year it has been for Kristina and Adam. Haddie heads across the country to college, Max is…well Max, and Nora is like, a baby. They’ve pretty much got their hands full. Then, Kristina gets a life-changing diagnosis. She spends most of Season 4 battling cancer, Adam and for her life. But in the finale we get possibly the best news to date: CANCER. FREE. And with the show fading out with the two on the Hawaiian beach, it’s as close to happily ever after we can get.

Crosby & Jasmine (plus kids and monster-in-law)

Between the crazy neighbor outside of The Luncheonette and Jasmine’s mother moving in, Crosby’s had his fair share of difficult situations this year. He spends a lot of time acting like a child but when he decides to step up, he really does. He was there when everyone needed him this year, which is saying a lot. So perhaps he deserves the happiness that comes with having another kid on the way. Seems like Crosby is going to have to grow up even more next season!

Julia & Joel (plus monster kids)

I think that the Joel and Julia story line has been the most impactful to me this year. Being in a family impacted by adoption, I totally relate to the difficulties of new family dynamics. And yes, Victor wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. But seeing Julia and Joel go through the experience with Victor makes me even more confident in their parenting abilities. The Bravermans sure know how to stick together, as evidenced by the adoption scene at the end of the finale. Acceptance is one of their strengths.

Amber & Ryan (plus alcohol and tears)

Amber and Ryan were a breath of fresh air this season. Finally, Amber is the adult that even her mother isn’t this year. She’s grown up so much in the past four years. She knew when to give Ryan space and how to deal with his “issues.” It didn’t hurt that Ryan is one of the most upstanding citizens I’ve even seen. You can’t help but root for them and at the end of Season 4, it seems that they’ve got it together.

Drew & Amy (plus abortion aftermath and college)

Drew and Amy have had a rocky relationship. They broke up, then got back together. Got caught having sex, then had an accident in the birth control department. Their dealing with the abortion was one of the most tactful and responsible things on TV. Addressing an important issue with the heaviness that is so appropriate. Even their goodbyes were graceful in the finale. With Drew’s acceptance into Berkeley and Amy’s admittance on the East Coast, it seems that this relationship has reached it’s end.

Sarah & Hank & Mark

I love Sarah Braverman. She’s brilliant and hilarious. But she makes the worst mistakes ever. If PARENTHOOD ended after the Season 4 finale (which I hope it doesn’t!), I’d be happy with everything except Sarah’s decision. I feel for Hank and absolutely think that he should go to Minnesota to be with his daughter. Really, Sarah just can’t make up her mind. She was all “I want Hank” and then all “But I love you Mark” and it’s just exhausting. The only real cliffhanger at the end of this Season is whether Sarah will head east with Hank (which I doubt!). Couldn’t she have just made up with Mark? They’re perfect. Come on!

A Wrap on Season 4

So that’s it. That’s a wrap on Season 4 of PARENTHOOD. I wish that I could promise it’s return, but I’m feeling pretty good about it. Keep your eye on the Renew/Cancel Index over the next 5 months. I just wish that we didn’t have to wait until next fall! Until then…

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