Castle Season Finale: A Spoiler-Free Preview

Hi Castle fans! Welcome to my world. A world where I’ve seen 41 minutes of tonight’s Castle Season Finale. As painful as it is for you to not have seen any of the episode yet, try to imagine a world where you’ve seen everything but the final 2 minutes. Yeah, that’s where I’m at right now. So while we’ll all be enjoying the final minutes of the episode together for the first time, let me preview the other 41 minutes for you.

After last week’s realization that Kate in fact doesn’t have to stay in New York as a cop forever (which honestly, I never really thought about), this week we’re thrown into her brain as she ponders the possibility of change. I’d say that we’ve probably all been in situations where we have to choose between remaining in a situation that is a “known” or choosing the “unknown”, which has an equal chance of being even more awesome or a complete disaster. So imagine that place of insecurity and terror. That is the 41 minutes I’ve seen of this week’s Castle. From Kate to Castle to Alexis to Ryan, there’s a lot of uncertainties flying around this week. But ultimately, decisions must be made.

When it comes down to it, which do we choose? Known or unknown? Risk? Safety? Let’s all watch tonight and see what they choose.

The Castle Season Finale airs Monday, May 13th at 10pm on ABC.

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