REVIEW: Teen Wolf “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”

Wow. What a season it has been for Teen Wolf so far, and we are only a third of the way through. Finally, we get an episode that answers many of the questions that have been raised throughout the first eight episodes of the season.

“The Girl Who Knew Too Much” started off with a Beacon Hills police officer dying in the high school. Lydia is once again drawn to the place where the woman was killed, calling Scott, Stiles and Allison. The four find the woman’s body. The question of what Lydia is and how she keeps finding the sacrificed bodies continues to puzzle both her and the boys.

The next day at school, Isaac is sent to check on Allison when she doesn’t show up for class. Allison reveals to him that she’s been sneaking into her father’s study to see what he knows about the murders. They realize that Papa Argent has categorized the sacrifices into: Virgins, Warriors, Healers, Philosophers, and Guardians.

Back at the school, Cora, out for revenge for the death of Boyd, attacks one of the twins, Aiden in the locker room. Scott and Ethan stop Aiden from killing Cora but not before he gives her a nasty head wound.

On her way to her next class, Lydia discovers another teacher has gone missing, causing the countdown until the next sacrifice to start.

Derek and the teacher chick have a ridiculous, slow-mo, completely not believable love sequence that doesn’t make sense for Derek’s character and also is just dumb.

Stiles, in order to protect him, tells his father about everything. Literally everything that’s happened in Beacon Hills over the past 2 years, about werewolves, the kanima, the hunters, everything. Papa Stilinski doesn’t believe Stiles (which okay, understandable). Figuring this would happen, Stiles brought Cora as his proof. But before Cora can shift, she passes out, bleeding from the head wound she received earlier. They get her to the hospital to learn that she isn’t healing.

Back at Allison’s, she and Isaac pair up to figure out where their history teacher might be being held. Once figuring it out, they head to the site of the where they think the next murder will occur. Unfortunately they arrive to see the creature committing the murder, but don’t make it in time to save their teacher.

The orchestra concert that night has everyone back at the school. We get a super cute Danny/Ethan scene that makes the entire episode worth it, and hope that one day we’ll get to see a sweet, human side to Aiden as well.

As Sheriff Stilinski, starts researching old cases, looking into what Stiles has told him, the concert starts. Stiles’ dad and Scott’s mom find the case of a woman who had been found brutally murdered in the woods. Stilinski seems to have realized something as he takes off to the school.

At the concert Lydia is texted by Aiden, asking her to meet him somewhere in the school. As she leaves, we hear Aiden tell Ethan that he lost his phone. Lydia goes into an empty classroom before being attacked by none other than – Ms. Jennifer Blake, the weird, new, English teacher. Ms. Blake reveals that Lydia is a Banshee, which is why she wasn’t affected by the werewolf bite, is in-tune with the supernatural and why she continues to find the bodies. Ms. Blake calls her ‘the girl who knows too much’ and plans to kill her, to prevent Lydia from figuring everything out and revealing it to the others. But before she can kill Lydia, Sheriff Stilinski shows up to save the day! Jennifer stabs him just as Scott, all werewolfed out runs in. They fight and she knocks him out, leaving basically everyone Stiles loves trapped in a room with Ms. Blake. Sheriff Stilinski tries to shoot her with no avail, then he is kidnapped as Jennifer Blake transforms into the Darach. And we are left at a cliffhanger once again.

What'd you think?