Weekend Warrior: Marathon 101

How to Have A Successful TV Marathon 101

Welcome to my weekly column, Weekend Warrior. The purpose of Weekend Warrior is to give you an excuse to bail on your friends, order takeaway, and wear yoga pants with no intention of exercise: The Perfect Marathon.

There are a few key ingredients to the perfect marathon. The perfect marathon is short and sweet: morsels of content that don’t fill you up and don’t bring you down. If you’ve never marathoned before, I recommend starting with a half hour comedy. While you might want to spend the weekend figuring out what Bad is and why people are always talking about Breaking it, even the most serious marathoner risks falling into a pit of despair and depression and definitely developing a crush on Jesse Pinkman. Marathons can be dangerous, but with my weekly guidance they can be a wonderful way to spend the day. So buckle up, always use protection, and stop drop and roll as I bring you Marathon 101.

The key to a good marathon is a show that is easy to access. Netflix is a marathoners dream; although the selection is limited, most shows boast their entire catalog for less than $10 a month. For newer shows, Hulu is sometimes an option. Often times, if a show is current you might use a mix of both.

It is also important to decide early on whether you want to share your marathon experience with someone. Be sure to discuss with your roommates any marathon plans to avoid someone coming home to the 5th episode, asking questions (I am 100% that person. What is this game? Where are these thrones?!). Also realize that inviting someone to join in your marathon is a commitment that should not be taken lightly, it is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in your life*. Picking the right marathon partner is up there with picking your 1st wife*. (*slight exaggerations).

For Marathon 101, I bring you the quintessential marathon show: Arrested Development.

While most have watched this televisionary (accidental Jace Lacob shout out) gem, there is a good chance even the most avid fan has missed or forgotten some of the comedic gold that is the Bluth family. Arrested Development is the perfect choice for all level of marathoning experience. Its 22 minutes makes consumption easy and its ridiculous episodic arcs make it a prime candidate for a weekend on the couch. All 68 episodes can be found streaming on Netflix, and as your heart swells for these selfish, misguided people Seasons 1-3 you might even stick around and watch the confusion that is Netflix “semi-Original Series” Season 4. There is a reason this show has a cult following. It was named “Funniest Show of All Time” by IGN in 2011. Entertainment Weekly ranked it on a list of “New TV Classics” which might be the best way to describe the show. The jokes range from campy to cerebral and the cameos never cease to amuse. The show is oddly informational, and that is why you always leave a note.

Arrested Development is like nothing else, and can never be again. It now lives in our hearts and minds, and Netflix’s server farms for your weekend enjoyment.

Until next time, Weekend Warriors.


733984_10101419215253325_513668693_nLauren Koester is a contributor to The TV Sisters and can be complimented/inquired/refuted at Lauren@TheTVSisters.com and “followed” @laurencorene.


Lauren K
Lauren Koester is a contributor to The TV Sisters and can be complimented/inquired/refuted at admin@TheTVSisters.com.

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