6 Facts from CASTLE Season 6 Premiere

Two weeks until the CASTLE Season 6 premiere!! I’m lucky to have seen the CASTLE Season 6 premiere slready. And while I’d love to spoil it for you (not!), I want everyone to enjoy the new episode. So I won’t. What I will do is give you a few facts from the episode. You can also send questions to @theTVsisters on Twitter or heather@theTVsisters.com. I’ll try to answer the best I can without spoils. I’m not allowed to tell you what Beckett’s answer is so don’t even ask 🙁 Onward to 6 facts we learn in the premiere that I can tell you:

1. Picks up right where finale ended

2. Castle goes on a book tour

3. Someone is in a big car wreck

4. Someone gets multiple gunshot wounds

5. Alexis has a new beau

6. The episode ends with a very dramatic and well-timed “To be continued”

CASTLE Season 6 premiere airs Monday, September 23.


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