SCANDAL Season 3 Premiere (REVIEW)

Here’s what I thought of the SCANDAL Season 3 Premiere.

Wow, what a premiere!!

I feel like I need to go back and read all of Kerry Washington’s twitter to remember what happened!

A little background, I just started watching Scandal about two weeks ago – This is another on of those ‘Thank God for Netflix’ moments. And I got hooked. Instantly. And therefore spent every waking moment watching so I could be caught up for season three! “It’s Handled” is the first time I’m watching live and man, do I love it so much already.

OKAY, so when we left off in Season 2, Olivia Pope’s name had been leaked to the press as POTUS’s mistress. While being swarmed by the press Olivia was pulled into a car by Rowan (who I formerly called scary CIA man who is head of B-316) but we find out that he is Olivia’s father.

Rowan takes Olivia to a plane and tells her to disappear, after showing us what a harsh father he must have been with a very stern lecture. (Nobody talks to Olivia Pope like that!!!)

Olivia is actually prepared to run, but after a conversation with Cyrus (best line being: “I’m a monster but honey, I’m your monster) Olivia gets off the plane and heads to work.

Fearing for their boss, the Gladiators start working on a plan behind Olivia’s back. Meanwhile Cyrus searches for the leak. finding that it came from one of the Secret Service Members.

Things seem to be getting worse in the press when a video of the President leaving Olivia’s apartment is discovered. Cyrus orders his people to make a “kill folder” on Olivia Pope and I once again am back to not understanding how I’m supposed to feel about Cyrus Beene.

Olivia knows that things are getting worse so she “pulls the fire alarm”, aka uses the codes that have been given to her in case of an emergency, to get her and Fitz and a surprise Mellie into a bunker to make a plan. This scene was my favourite of the night. The three have a chilling, intense conversation about what to do with their current predicament. The scene has no music (as Kerry pointed out) and really shows these characters’ pain, desperation and commitment.

Fitz thinks they should just tell the truth and as Olivia talks it out, she agrees. Mellie on the other hand, does not want to listen to Fitz tell the world how he had an affair how Olivia Pope, how he is in love with Olivia Pope. They agree to a plan of holding a press conference and admitting to having sex only twice and how it was a mistake. They plan the entire damage control before leaving the bunker. (Not without a heart-wrenching Olivia sobbing on Fitz’s shoulder moment which, ouch man.)

The day of the Press Conference, Mellie and Cyrus meet to discuss their actual plan. (shocking no one, the pair are working together behind Fitz and Olivia’s backs) Mellie has a plan to leak a different name to the press, to prevent Fitz from admitting his affair with Olivia. It works, with the help of Olivia’s team who find a video of a White House Communications Aid discussing how she thinks the President is attractive. The story takes off, leaving the one of Olivia Pope behind. She is cleared of all suspicion and her name dropped.

In a shocking turn of events, Mellie reveals she has figured out that it was Fitz himself who leaked Olivia’s name. Fitz admits that yes, it was in fact him, but he says “the reason I leaked Liv’s name is because as long as you had her name in your arsenal, Olivia was at your mercy. Now, she is free.”

Olivia takes on Jeannine Locke, the communications aid now accused of sleeping with POTUS, as her client. Because she is Olivia Pope, also because she feels insurmountable guilt over this girl taking the fall for her affair.

Cyrus comes home to an unconscious James and our second favourite CIA assassin, Charlie. (or third? How do we feel about Jake? Does he even count anymore? Wonder how that hole is treating him…?) He takes Cyrus to see Rowan (aka Olivia’s father) who gives Cyrus a folder. The folder contains information about “ Operation Remington” a mission that Fitz and Jake Ballard were apart of while in the Navy together. Rowan says “this is what really happened” and dramatically tosses the folder to Cyrus who reads one line and replies “oh my god.”


So what did everyone think of the episode? What do you think of President Fitz being the one who leaked Olivia’s name? And where do we think is in that “Operation Remington” folder?

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