11 Awesome Things About DOCTOR WHO

It’s finally the moment that we’ve all been waiting for: David Tennant is coming back as The Doctor! I mean, it’s the 50th Anniversary of DOCTOR WHO. Commence watching trailer:

But really, this is such a happy day for fans of DOCTOR WHO. Some of you however may be like “WTF is Doctor Who? Who is Doctor Who?” First of all, he’s called The Doctor and he’s a time travelling Time Lord. Now that it’s been clarified, here are 11 of the Awesome Things about DOCTOR WHO.

1. The first ever episode (1963) is so ridiculous

Earlier this year I watched the first ever episode of DOCTOR WHO, which aired 50 years ago on November 23, 1963. It’s so ridiculous. If that pilot was shot in America, it’d never make it past a 6 episode order. The Doctor was a mean old man who was really egotistical and thought everyone around him were idiots. Luckily, over the course of 50 years, 11 iterations of The Doctor have wormed their way into our hearts.

2. The first episode of the new series (2005) is so ridiculous

It took me a while to get into the new series of DOCTOR WHO because it was just so awful at the beginning. The first episode where the mannequins come alive is simultaneously terrifying and laughable. But I’m glad I did because had I not watched it, I would’ve never made it to “Turn Left”, my favorite episode of all-time. So thank you Series 1 for making it possible to get to Series 4.

3. Donna Noble

It’s very possible that Donna Noble is one of my favorite female characters of all-time. She’s amazing. Her transformation from meeting The Doctor to her final moments is quite brilliant. Add in her general relationship with The Doctor (mainly the not being like in love with him) and you’ve got the perfect companion. Can you tell my bias? Donna is by far one of the awesome things about DOCTOR WHO.

4. The whole premise of the show

Try explaining the premise of DOCTOR WHO to anyone and you’ll discover just how difficult it is. For me, an avid fan of TV, it was impossible for me to understand how the lead actor on a show can continuously change while the show remains popular and ON THE AIR. So I was skeptical. But now when I try to explain the show to anyone, it sounds a little like this:

“Well he travels in space and time in a police box (it’s like a phone booth) and saves people and it’s creepy and funny and for kids and stuff. Yeah, you just gotta watch it.”

5. Daleks

They’re so slow but still terrifying. HOW?!?

6. River Song

River Song’s appearance in Series 3 brings up all kinds of questions. If fact, we see her timeline in reverse, thus making the first time we see her actually be the end of her life. But how does she know the doctor? What’s they’re history she hints at? The mysterious remain until the end of Series 6 when River Song’s story reaches it’s end…or eh beginning. The mystery of the show is one of the awesome things about DOCTOR WHO.

7. It’s British!

heather at doctor who experience

I’ve always loved the U.K. (my grandmother is from England) but DOCTOR WHO made me love it even more. In fact, I’ve not only been to Cardiff in Wales where DOCTOR WHO is filmed, but also to the DOCTOR WHO Experience (like a museum) in London. The British-ness of the show always shines through and makes the show so unique to us Americans. It’s not only something that would never work in America, but also we really love the accents.

8. The actors

IMG_0142 IMG_2988

I can’t tell you how many outstanding actors I’ve discovered through DOCTOR WHO. Most notably John Barrowman, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Catherine Tate. It sometimes (understatement) feels like we’re a little isolated from what’s going on in other countries. I can’t say I wouldn’t know about everyone on DOCTOR WHO without being a fan, but it certainly helps showcase some amazing British actors previously unknown across the pond.

9. Torchwood

Some of you might not know that there’s actually a DOCTOR WHO spin-off called TORCHWOOD. It’s fantastic. Basically Torchwood is a secret agency trying to keep you safe. So say thank you! The TORCHWOOD spin-off is one of the awesome things about DOCTOR WHO.

10. The companions

The Doctor wouldn’t be who he is without his companions, the humanity which reminds him why he goes through all of the crap. DOCTOR WHO has managed to keep the role of the companion interesting and important. The Doctor wouldn’t figure out some things without the companion. Plus, he just wouldn’t be so loveable. Each companion tests and interacts with The Doctor in new ways, showing new characteristics of The Doctor. Without these companions (i.e. us!), DOCTOR WHO wouldn’t have made it 50 years.

11. The Doctor

Obviously, DOCTOR WHO wouldn’t be what it is without amazing actors who can make this role so beloved. Without each of the 11 outstanding regenerations, The Doctor wouldn’t be who he is. Each actor adds a new layer to The Doctor while carrying with him the deep history of the character. The Doctor is the driving force of the show, keeping us caring and watching.

So let’s celebrate all of these things and many more that make DOCTOR WHO so awesome. After all, it’s been 50 years of awesome!!

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