HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Spinoff is a go at CBS

It’s official! This morning, we got the confirmation that CBS has green-lit the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER spinoff.

The new show (called HOW I MET YOUR DAD) will have all-new characters and be from a female perspective.

**ALERT: A female Ted Mosby is coming for you through your television!**


While I am all for more shows on TV with female leads, one of the great things about HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is that Ted fills the role stereotypically played by a female: hopeless romantic just trying to find true love unsuccessfully. That is one of the most unique and special things about HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Plus you have a character like Robin who is almost the opposite of every stereotypical female role. She didn’t want kids while Ted desperately wanted a family. So what will this mean for the new show? Ted has plenty of whiny, emotional moments. While coming from a guy whining about his love life is funny, will it have the same tune when it’s a lady? And who will her friends be?

There’s a few ways this could go. Will this be a JOEY? Or a XENA? An ANGEL? A PORT CHARLES? (Check out these other TV spinoffs!)

It will be very interesting to see if the very unique format of HOW I MET YOU MOTHER is kept in the new “kindered spirit” HOW I MET YOUR DAD. And who will be as loveable as Ted Mosby? #impossible

via policymic

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