Heather’s Top TV Shows of 2013

There are  A LOT of “Best of…” lists out right now. And while I watch a lot of TV, I can’t watch everything. So really, my list is MY top list. Because as much as I hear about shows being great, unless I’ve seen them, I can’t really say what I think. Anyway, here are MY Top TV Shows of 2013 (in no particular order).

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

oitnbThis show was suggested to me by several people before I gave it a shot. And the best thing was that I had NO IDEA what to expect. I think that’s probably the best way to go into this show. Not only will it shock you, but you’ll probably become addicted. I powered-through the first 6 episodes, then realized that I needed to slow down before it was all over. It’s funny, heartbreaking, spontaneous and outrageous. It’s definitely one of the best shows of 2013.





Broadchurch (BBC)

Broadchurch_S1_Ep03_017David Tennant was the reason I started watching Broadchurch. And also their lovely accents and demeanor. The show follows the mystery of a small town where a suspicious murder occurs. Basically everyone is a suspect and most of them are creepy. This is the perfect marathon show and since they’re remaking it in the US, you should probably watch the original first!





Breaking Bad (AMC)

breaking-bad-dead-freight-bryan-cranstonDoes this really need to be explained? I have a feeling that Breaking Bad is on every list of 2013. I started watching Breaking Bad at the end of 2012, but got really into it this year. Not only is it one of the best shows of the year, it’s one of the best of all-time. The Series Finale was amazing and the perfect ending. So farewell Breaking Bad!






Game of Thrones (HBO)

fantagotAs much as I loved Game of Thrones before this year, it seemed like every episode was more dramatic than ever. And the Red Wedding episode might just be the must-see TV moment of the entire year.






The Newsroom (HBO)


I have a TV motto which includes the words “Sorkin can do no wrong”. I am 100% willing to admit my biased towards anything Sorkin. And as much as people had troubles with The Newsroom, I can’t help but think that even Aaron Sorkin’s off days are still better than most people’s best.









Parenthood (NBC)

Parenthood - Season 4

Parenthood holds a comfy spot in my heart. Not only is it the best family drama around, but it all just feels so real and unscripted (even though it is!). It’s impossible not to love The Bravermans, really. So whether you’re watching the show already or are looking for a new show to watch, Parenthood is more than worth watching.





Scandal (ABC)


There’s nothing to say about Scandal other than it’s so freaking dramatic and scandalous. Between Olivia’s family drama and her constant romance problems, you can’t miss a moment. Add in some murder, cheating, sex and torture. It’s cray and should be on every 2013 TV list ever.






Parks & Recreation (NBC)


Constantly underrated and disrespected, Parks & Recreation is keeping NBC’s Thursday night comedy alive. Not only is it ridiculous but manages to have a ton of heart as well. Leslie Knope is a hero to women everywhere and she deserves it.






Girls (HBO)


Part of why I love Girls so much is that I totally understand these girls. As crazy as they seem, I relate hard to them. So as much as it gets criticism, I don’t see any other people on TV that I can relate to as much. So thank you Lena and HBO.






Arrow (The CW)

arrowGoodness I love this show. I don’t even know why but I’m addicted. Oliver is so misunderstood and really stupid. He’s always risking his life for everyone like a crazy person. But it’s like a car crash that I can’t ignore. So despite it’s flaws, I’ll be watching Arrow in 2014.




Honorable Mention goes to two of my favorite shows that ended in 2013: Fringe and 30 Rock.

Heather is a recent West Coast transplant and can't remember what humidity feels like. She spends most of her time (& money) watching movies, marathoning TV shows on DVD, attending concerts, reading, eating vegetables, attending conventions (San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con, Dragon*Con so far!), blogging about her quarter-life crisis, downing coffee and traveling the world. She likes comic books, photography, reading on the Metro bus and wearing cold weather clothes despite the actual temperature in Southern California.

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