WOMAN CRUSH // Felicity Smoak from Arrow

imageThe concept of Woman Crush Wednesday is pretty simple. There are tons of super fabulous women on television these days, who are all awesome and kickass in a myriad of ways. So each Wednesday will focus on a different female character currently on tv and some of the things that make them great!

As the second part of Arrow season 3 starts tonight, Felicity Smoak is the only woman on my mind right now.
Felicity Smoak from Arrow has to be one of the best characters on television right now. (is that a bold statement? It seems like a bold statement.. I’m going to stand by it.) I have a list as long as my arm (that I’m constantly adding to) of things that I love about Felicity Smoak. They range from ‘she said that funny thing!’ to ‘stands up for what she believes in’ to ‘kicks major booty’.
Really though, something that is so crucial to Felicity’s character and the entire show, is that she says what she thinks, no matter what. She cares for Oliver so, so much and instead of that stopping her from having an opposing opinion, it spurs her on. She calls him out when he gets too mopey and self-deprecating. She tells him when he’s wrong or when she has a better plan. She pulls him back when she thinks he’s gone too far. I love that her love for Oliver doesn’t deter her from speaking her mind, but that she has so much confidence in her opinions and abilities that her love for him only assures her need to speak up. I find that to be a rare thing on tv. The love of the main male character, which is inevitably the main characteristic of the lead woman, is usually used to keep them quiet. But not for Felicity Smoak. From funny, embarrassing word vomit, to smart and creative plans, Felicity Smoak speaks her mind and stands by the things she thinks.

It’s important to point out that Felicity has the ability and confidence to speak her mind all of the time, because she has the skills and tools to know what she’s saying is right. She is capable. A degree from MIT, years working for Queen Consolidated, a past of ‘hactivism’, the girl has knowledge beyond her current situation that directly impacts her ability to make informed decisions and come up with effective strategies. She has an invaluable skill set, most importantly an incredible intellect and a kind heart, that she uses brilliantly every episode. This skill set gives her the power to be a full and irreplaceable member of the Arrow team. It’s so crucial to creating solid and quality characters that they have foundations to stand on. Felicity not only has this, but it can be seen working with and through her actions every episode.

Another thing I love about Felicity is that she’s not afraid to show or even have emotions. The girl cries. She cries a lot. She cries when she’s sad and when she’s frustrated and when she’s worried. I like that she can have tears in her eyes and still whip everyone into shape. She’ll still be at that computer finding a solution or a new plan, she’ll still be calling the men out or demanding they do the right thing. She still fights and survives and deals with the aftermath with tears on her cheeks. It makes her such a real character. Things affect her, and she doesn’t hide that. If anything she recognizes how things affect her, and uses those emotions as motivations to fight stronger and harder.

Felicity acts with her brilliant mind AND her compassionate heart, as I’d say most people do. She isn’t a trope or two demential. She’s intelligent and has social skills. She’s witty and emotional. I love Felicity Smoak because she is a real person and that’s an awesome and sadly rare thing to see on TV today.

So make sure to check out Arrow on The CW tonight (and every Wednesday) at 8/7c and support this week’s amazing Woman Crush!

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