Woman Crush // Detective Erin Lindsay

Here we are again, another week, another woman!

My woman crush for this week might seem a little out of the blue if you’re not inside my brain… But in my recent marathoning of NBC’s Chicago shows (Fire, PD), I’ve found myself completely and totally head over heels for Detective Erin Lindsay from Chicago PD.

Look, I’ll be honest with you, when I started watching Chicago P.D. (which I did because I’ve been a Sophia Bush fan since 12 year old Brittany saw the pilot of One Tree Hill in 2003) I thought, good lord, another Dick Wolf cop show. Quickly though, I’ve come to love and look forward to this show more and more every week. Almost all of that, is due to Erin Lindsay.

Kid from the streets to tough cop, the first things we really learn about Erin are her ties to Hank Voight. (understandable since the show supposedly focuses on him and his unit) But I think that’s important even though we learn more about her every episode, because one of Lindsay’s strongest and best qualities is her loyalty. The girl is fiercely protective of her own. In multiple episodes she is willing to sacrifice everything she has worked so hard for to protect people she cares about. Often it has been for other women, which just adds to the greatness. An important aspect of Lindsay’s loyalty though, is how is it driven out of mutual respect and trust. Her loyalty isn’t blind; it is earned and it comes with the expectation of those sentiments being returned. In many cases loyalty can be attributed to women as being a fault, a situation where that is used against them. But with Erin’s type of loyalty, it becomes one of her greatest strengths, making her an even better cop and teammate.

One of the first scenes that we ever see Lindsay in, she makes a call while undercover that saves both her and Halstead’s lives. She’s smart and she’s intuitive. On more than one occasion she uses those smarts to gain the advantage over the system and a suspect. She’s a female detective, a beautiful one at that, who’s father figure runs the department. Yet she doesn’t exude this overwhelming need to prove herself and her worth. She does her work, pulls her weight, and there is no question how she got to where she is today: herself. Her smarts give her the ability to work in a different way than the rest of her team. Yes, she could beat someone up if she wanted or needed to, there is no doubt about it. Instead she often uses her brain and intuition to suss out a situation and outsmart the perp, making her invaluable to the squad.

Now to my favorite aspect of this character: Erin Lindsay is overwhelmingly compassionate. I think one of the things that can be frustrating about tv, crime shows especially, is how the female character becomes the one who brings ‘humanity’ and understanding to the men who are too tough to get basic human emotion. This is a trope that often happens, but one of the things I love about Chicago PD and Erin Lindsay is that while that trope is there, it doesn’t get played out in the way it is expected. Yes, Lindsay is the only woman on their team and therefore she ends up being tasked to women and children often. Though I think they do a good job of showing how that compassion, is one of the most valued things within all of the characters on the team. Voight’s compassion and empathy are the only reasons why Lindsay is there in the first place. Lindsay’s compassion and empathy for Nadia in season one, are rewarded with her having a job working for the squad by season two. They are a team that values relationships, especially with their CIs, adding legimitacy to the level of importance that compassion plays in Lindsay’s character.

And finally, I can’t overlook that at the end of the day, she’s also funny and sexy. Between her banter with everyone’s favorite Detective Halstead and her sassy, smart mouthing with Voight, Lindsay has us all at least smiling every episode. And no one can deny that even with the teams love of “all black everything”, not even those bulky vests can make Sophia Bush look bad.

It’s all these things and so much more that make Erin Lindsay one of my favorite women on tv right now!

Make sure to check out Chicago PD on NBC tonight (and every Wednesday) at 10/9c and support this week’s amazing Woman Crush!

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