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I was going to do a “Clones of Orphan Black” post, but it ended up getting away from me couple thousand words later. The thing I love about Orphan Black is how distinct and individual each clone is and how different yet often complimentary parts to they are to the larger ‘family’. In light of that, I decided to have each sister get her own post, because we’re here to celebrate awesome women on tv and every clone on the show qualifies and possesses characteristics dearly needing to be represented.

All that being said, this week’s woman crush is Sarah Manning!

It seems right to give Sarah the first post, especially after the season 3 premiere on Saturday.

There are so many things to love and admire about Sarah Manning. First of all, the girl is brilliant. And not necessarily in the intellectual way, as Felix reminds us in ‘The Weight of This Combination’, “don’t these people know you didn’t even finish high school?”. Street smarts seem the best way to describe Sarah, but it is even more than that. She can think best when on the spot, when the chips are down and she is desperate. Sarah always has another move. Her brain is constantly thinking through and improvising solutions and exit strategies, especially when everything seems stacked against her.

Sarah fights. Sarah Manning has this spirit inside her that won’t give up. No matter what, she is willing to do or sacrifice anything for the people she loves. She’s a survivor and it’s often because of her strength and fight that the entire family survives.

Another thing I really like about Sarah is how much of a leader she’s become in the past season. When the audience first meets Sarah Manning she’s been running away. She’s shucked her responsibilities, she’s avoided and lied, she’s relatively selfish. But when she’s thrust into this family as essentially the leader- or at the very least the connecting point- she steps up and gives it her all. Now Sarah has her hands in everything. She’s everyone’s first call and the one they wait to hear from. Sarah has grown so much into this leadership position and every episode she works within that even more.

My absolute favorite thing about Sarah Manning is how protective she is of her family, most importantly her sisters. Each and every sister is important to her, no matter what. She knows and cares about them and their lives as individuals and what they do for the collective. And I love that even in the season 3 premiere when things are more complicated and difficult, at the core of the episode is Sarah relentless in her need to find and save Helena. It even gets frustrating at times because she won’t drop it, even at a possible cost of her life. But at the end of the day, they are alive and can be a family because Sarah would do the same thing for each one of them.

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