Woman Crush // The Chicks of Cougar Town

If you’re anything like me, you are super sad to be saying goodbye to Cougar Town this week. The show fought long and hard to keep going, and did so valiantly. I’m so happy they did. There are few shows that have me laughing as hard and leave me smiling as much as Cougar Town does. (And I promise this isn’t just from all the wine!) So my crush for the week is a little different than normal, mostly because I didn’t want to chose between these three hilarious ladies and because they each deserve to be mentioned.

Jules Cobb. Jules though guys. What an incredible chick. I think my favorite thing about Jules is how she constantly exceeds everyone’s expectations. People are always dismissing her because she’s Southern or because she had a kid when she was really young or because she doesn’t always say the “smartest” things. But I think what’s so great about Jules is that she doesn’t let any of that get to her. She knows how awesome and talented she is and she’s going to succeed no matter what. She never gives up or let’s those around her give up, regardless of how discouraged they get.

Laurie Keller. Laurie, sweet Laurie. One of the most important things about Laurie is how confident she is in herself. She knows who is and she is so crazy unapologetic about that. All of us could learn a thing or two from Laurie’s self confidence and ability to keep her spirits up. She is also always exceeding the worlds expectations. No one expects her to get anywhere or excel at anything because of the type of girl they think she is. But, forgot them! Laurie believes in herself unwaveringly and ends up achieving all of her dreams.

Ellie Torres. I saved the best for last, right?? I love Ellie Torres. I mean, I really love her. Ellie, like Jules and Laurie, is also unapologetically who she is. For her, that means she speaks her mind, always. It gets her into trouble a lot and sometimes she can be too harsh. But I love that a character like Ellie exists. She sometimes goes too far and can be too quick to judge but she is also the person everyone goes to for her unguarded opinion and when they need to hear the tough truth. I love that she gets to tell it like it is. And that she does it hilariously.

Overall one of my favorites things about Cougar Town has been how supportive the girls are of each other. The show is about Jules and her relationships and the most important ones have always been her friendships with Ellie and Laurie. The girls choose each other over anyone or anything else, every time and at the end of the day (and show *tear*) they are the most important people in each others’ lives.
Thanks for all the laughs and wine and awesome female characters, Cougar Town!



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