It is Marvel week and in honor of Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out this weekend, what a great time to look at some of Marvel’s awesome ladies.

What I love most about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is the incredible variety of female characters on the show. None of them are tokens or stereotypes, they are full formed, well rounded women. Each chick is a combinations of attributes, some positive and complementary, others beautiful flaws. But the most important thing is that each woman is extremely competent in her own right. And even better, the girls all support and encourage each other within their own limits and skills.

I’ll start with Skye because the past season of SHIELD has shown major growth on the part of her character. I struggle with Skye the most as a character, but I will say she has many attributes that are invaluable to her team. The thing I love most about Skye is how determined she is. She refuses to accept that anything is fixed or too set in stone to change. From becoming an official SHIELD agent to finding her birth parents, when Skye puts her mind to something, she succeeds. I love that this season Skye has really come into her own. Yes, she has these new found powers that she doesn’t necessarily want or know what to do with, but because of how hard she’s worked to become her own person, she has that inner strength to lean on when everything else falls apart. This season Skye’s had to decide that she is no longer just bits of various skills or experiences that have happened to her, but that she has an identity that is a combination of equally important intersecting parts. That’s been an amazing transition to watch. 


On to Jemma Simmons, who has also grown immensely in season two. What is incredibly important about Simmons is not only how smart she is, but how compassionate and impulsive she can be as well. Agents of SHIELD is firm in making sure that Simmons does not fall into the trope of the smart girl who cannot function socially or empathetically. Simmons cares so deeply for her teammates and for the cause she believes she is fighting for. Her mind does not just work one way, but her actions and decisions are filtered through her education and also her experiences. Jemma Simmons is a fantastic example of how real and believable these characters are within their world and ours.


Ah, now for Melinda May. May is probably my favorite character on Agents of SHIELD. Her consistency and competency are such important bedrocks for the entire show. The other agents are relatively young and inexperiences while May has seen and done more than she’d ever care to have. I love how she doesn’t fall into any sort of ‘mother’ role, but that she honestly goes out of her way to show how much she cares for each member of the team. She is an absolute badass who can physically and mentally out perform any other agent on the team. May has this confidence in herself and her abilities that allows her to do literally anything. She has mastered the perfect balance of self preservation and protectiveness of her team that plays out in every single decision she makes. To me, May is the most fascinating character on the whole show.


Now I know that Bobbi Morse hasn’t been on the show for too long, but I couldn’t justify making this post without her because Bobbi Morse is so important. (I’m going to write a post about how adding Bobbi to the cast is the best thing Agents of SHIELD has ever done because she is that great.) This might be my previous love of Mockingbird coming through a bit, but honestly this character is one of the best in the entire Marvel stockpile. I’ve loved having Bobbi on this show so much. I think that it’s mostly because of how incredibly good she is. Her first instinct is others. I’ve been so mistrustful of every character that joins SHIELD especially since HYDRA, but I couldn’t have cared less when I found out Bobbi might have a different agenda. This is because of how compassionate and caring Bobbi is. Her ultimate goal is to find the best way to help the most amount of people. Helping to rebuild SHIELD, her motives are simple- honesty. SHIELD fell apart, quite dramatically, because of how secretive the leadership was. And those who weren’t HYDRA were either murdered or forced into hiding by their friends and coworkers. Bobbi’s response was to rebuild SHIELD in a way to insure that nothing like that ever happened again. She fights for the individual, for each member to have a voice and let it be heard in order to protect and serve more people in the end. And at the end of the day, no matter what, Bobbi supports the women around her. She encourages them and helps them and wants to provide a safe support system for any and all who need it. And if that’s not a perfect example of a worthy #WCW, I don’t know what is!














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