RE-WATCH // The West Wing Season 2 (in GIFs)

We started re-watching THE WEST WING earlier this month with Season 1. Beginning in November, our Real-Time Election Re-Watch of The West Wing will follow along with Season 6 and 7 of THE WEST WING as we Americans elect our next President. For the Season 2 re-watch, I’ll be updating this page with gifs from each episode as I want it. So obviously: SPOILERS.

For the first update, here are gifs and quick thoughts from the two-part Season 2 premiere of THE WEST WING, which aired on October 4, 2000.

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part I


Donna finding out about Josh getting shot is one of the most heartbreaking things ever.

Source: Tumblr

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part II


Found out how everyone met and started working for President Bartlet. Plus a pretty epic gun control speech from CJ. Josh is ok so life can continue forth.

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The Midterms


The staff deals with the aftermath of the shooting as they flash forward a few months. Each one worries about an issue in their way to cope with the trauma. Josh finally gets to go outside after recovering and it seems like things are getting back to normal.


In This White House


Yay! Ainsley Hayes is here. Everyone underestimates her but she’s brilliant and fair and basically just awesome. So excited to have her as an opposing viewpoint in the White House 🙂


And It’s Surely to Their Credit


Ainsley starts working at the White House and it’s like a freaking terrible day. Luckily, the team rallies and makes sure she knows they’re on her side no matter how terribly some others treat her. It’s a good day.

Source: Tumblr

The Lame Duck Congress


Donna organizes the assistants to “type slower” to raise awareness of workplace laws The White House isn’t fighting. It doesn’t do much overall but she’s pretty epic for standing up for her beliefs!

gif: Tumblr

The Portland Trip


CJ got in trouble for insulting Notre Dame and Toby makes her look like an idiot in front of the press. Guys, cut CJ a break! She’s working in a boys club here…

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Sam is shocked by the bathrobes in the ladies locker room at The White House gym, but CJ mentions that the fact there aren’t very many women working at The White House is what’s actually outrageous. #PREACH

gif: Picslist



CJ convinces President Bartlett to keep hope when the Galileo goes missing. She wants him to tell a group of kids that instead of being afraid to mess up, they always need to try. Sometimes CJ makes so much more sense than everyone else.




Josh finally gets the help he needs after the shooting. And in perhaps one of the best Josh/Leo scenes ever, we see why Leo is a father-figure to Josh. They’re family and that means a lot.

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The Leadership Breakfast


Again, Donna saves the day. After Leo and Sam screw up, Donna goes to fix a problem but ends up leaving her underwear behind. They get returned to Josh. It’s kind of the most embarrassing thing. But she’s still amazing at her job!


The Drop In


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