WOMAN CRUSH // Kristen Schaal and Last Man on Earth

Kristen Schaal has been killing it for years. Whether it’s as a stand up, guest starring on Flight of the Conchords, contributing correspondent on The Daily Show, or writing fantastic book of humor The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex, Schaal is not just hilarious but fighting for female empowerment along the way. Her humor may often come across as quirky or “crazy girl” but the real defining characteristic of all her roles is confidence. Never has this been more evident than in her latest role on Fox’s hit sitcom Last Man on Earth as Carol Andrew Pilbasian.

Last Man on Earth initially follows Phil Miller in a world where a virus has seemingly killed every other person on the planet. That is until the end of the pilot when Phil finds another person: Carol. Carol is by no means Phil’s dream girl, but she makes him a better person. Carol gives Phil rules while still having fun. She also gives them both a purpose: repopulation. Yes, in this new world it should not matter that they are not married, but Carol has a moral code and she is sticking with it. In fact, there is not a single moment on the show where Carol does not stick to her strong convictions. 

As Phil and Carol find more people on the planet, Phil becomes increasingly insecure and spirals out while Carol only grows stronger. She fights for her marriage when Phil becomes distracted, she divorces him when she realizes it’s simply not good for her, she finds herself a fling, and she breaks up with said fling when his own moral code does not align with her own. All of this while inventing things like “raisin balls,” and “fixing” classical paintings. Sure she is a little odd, yet she keeps everyone happy and buoyant in a world where things would appear dark.

Kristen Schaal and her sitcom counterpart teach us all to believe in ourselves and our quirks, and that is why we love her. Thank you, Ms. Schaal! Counting down the days until you return to our Tuesday nights!


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