REVIEW: Castle “Heartbreak Hotel”

Atlantic City, baby! This week, Castle and the boys head to Atlantic City to investigate a murder. Castle decides to use this opportunity to throw Detective Ryan an IBPWOC (Impromptu Bachelor Party While On Case). Meanwhile, Beckett has to spend some time with her new boss.Although Alexis broke up with


This Sunday, October 23, ONCE UPON A TIME premieres at 8pm on ABC.I'll be honest, I was skeptical of all of the fairytale-esque TV shows and movies coming out in the next year but while attending New York Comic Con this month, I noticed a panel for ONCE UPON A

REVIEW: Castle “Eye of the Beholder”

Episode 5 would've been a great night to play a CASTLE drinking game. Take a shot every time someone said "fist of capitalism" and you'd be wasted in the first five minutes.When an art gallery owner is found impaled by one of his works of art and another