PREVIEW: Downton Abbey “Season 2: Episode 4”

Wow. What an exciting episode of DOWNTON ABBEY last week. How dramatic for Matthew and William to return from the war at the perfect time. And Mary and Matthew singing together?!...sigh.

This week's episode is one of this season's best.

Torchwood: Miracle Day “The Middle Men”

20110818-072346.jpg Oh my goodness. I actually winced a bit during this week's Torchwood: Miracle Day. Anyone else? When he was pushing that pen into Rex's wound? It was making a *squishy* sound and a little wave of nausea hit me. Gross. Here are


Friday was possibly the most TV-heavy day at the Con this year. Especially in Ballroom 20, holding over 4,000 people. And we wanted to be there for every second. Here's how it shaped up.The first panel of the day was Torchwood: Miracle Day. The panel consisted of familiar faces: John