5 Things You Can Expect from the CASTLE Season 5 Premiere!

If you're like me, you weren't sure what to think at the end of Season 4 of Castle. I had mixed feelings. Was I happy that we were possibly on the verge of a Castle/Beckett romantic relationship? Or was I terrified that their continued sexual tension may fizzle out and

CASTLE Season Finale…The Scene

I'm sure you know which scene I'm talking about. Here's that scene that you've been begging to rewatch from Monday night's Season Finale of CASTLE.

Will Beckett Finally Tell CASTLE How She Feels?

Was last week's episode of CASTLE notĀ borderlineĀ depressing? Castle finding out that Beckett knew about his confession of love to her when she was shot and being all mopey because she lied about it. To quote Paul Abdul, he thinks she's a cold hearted snake. Well this week, Beckett's starting to

PaleyFest 2012: Castle Panel Review and Photos

What an exciting night at Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills this week for the CASTLE panel. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was in the packed theatre for the entire cast. The lovely Tamala Jones (Lanie) serenaded the crowd a la Blue Butterfly before we screening the March 19th episode. Not