REVIEW: Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips

So in this episode of Chuck,Morgan is still acting as annoying as ever. He also keeps forgetting things and keeps disappearing and blowing off his friends/Alex whenever they have plans.Sarah and Casey work on a plan to have Casey ask Gertrude Verbanski out in order to get close to her.

REVIEW: Chuck Season 5 Premiere

Tonight, the fifth and FINAL season premiere of CHUCK aired on NBC. Here's what happened.Season 5 begins with Chuck and Sarah in a compromising position on the ledge of a gunpoint. With only Casey and Morgan to save them, it doesn't look good. Morgan turns up and

CHUCK REPLAY: Chuck vs. Season 1

The summer is a perfect time to catch up on your favorite shows that have taken a backseat during the season. I've mastered the Summer Marathon Catch-Up. This summer, I watched all 4 seasons of CHUCK in about 10 days. That's 80 episodes. But with the 5th and