PaleyFest 2013: TV Festival!

Hi all!Last year I attended PaleyFest for the first time. But I remember what it's like to just hear about it all on the internet and wish you could be there! So believe me, I don't take it for granted that I can choose which panels I'd like to go

PREVIEW: Community Season 4 Premiere (PHOTOS)

THE GREENDALE STUDY GROUP RETURNS FROM SUMMER BREAK FOR THEIR FOURTH YEAR – The Study Group returns from summer break ready to tackle their fourth year of Community College. Jeff (Joel McHale) is particularly focused on graduating and is just a few credits away. When there is a mix-up with


There's no denying it: Girls ruled scripted television in 2012. And, for the first time in a long, long time, it wasn't just blue-eyed, blonde haired girls either. TV expanded and evolved to include black female heroines, mentally impaired government agents, poverty-stricken families, and, yes, even awkward Asian lesbians. Here

REVIEW: Community “Introduction to Finality”

By this point we all know Dan Harmon's been fired from Community so literally this show will never be the same again. (Do you have any idea how many of the great episodes he had to fight tooth and nail for? Like the Dungeons and Dragons episode). So the title

REVIEW: Community “First Chang Dynasty”

I have never seen this many new episodes of Community back to back before. Now I want to buy the DVDS and that's all I want to do this summer. Hmm... of this is 2 of 3 from the night.The Greendale video used at the beginning, that stock music, I