CW Season Finale Dates

Yesterday, the CW announced the season finale dates for their shows.Here is the schedule that was announced:APRILMonday April 88pm: The Carrie DiariesMAYTuesday May 78pm: Hart of DixieMonday May 139pm: 90210Tuesday May 149pm: CultWednesday May 158pm: Arrow9pm: SupernaturalThursday May 168pm: The Vampire Diaries9pm: Beauty and the BeastFriday

REVIEW: Gossip Girl- G.G.

Attention!! There are SPOILERS!!It's Gossip Girl recap time! And WOW. What an episode. The 100th! Congrats Gossip Girl!Basically the episode begins on the day of Blair and Prince Louis' wedding day! Everyone is invited and even the brunch is packed with all of our favorites.Serena has been lying to Dan

Recap: The Vampire Diaries Mid-Season Finale “Homecoming”

WHAT EVEN. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT IS HAPPENING. I can't even process what happened on tonight's Vampire Diaries. I might have to re-watch it about 8 more times.Last week on that show where Elena ignores how attractive Damon is, Rebekah found out her brother killed her mother (totally not Freudian),

Catch Up: The Vampire Diaries

So we're almost 9 episodes into Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, and not a re-cap to be found! But fear no longer, fellow apprehensive vampire-lovers, I'm here to help.An inordinate amount of plot is all that

Review: Gossip Girl “I Am Number Nine”

Season 5 Episode 6:So this was my first episode watching live, on account of the fact that the last time this show aired, I had yet to even see one episode... But it was exciting! There is something so fun about watching something when everyone else is and reacting on

Review: Gossip Girl “The Fasting and the Furious”

Season 5 Episode 5:So this episode begins with everyone under a lot of pressure.Serena's boss is demanding that she get the film rights to Dan's book. It just so happens that Serena, who is furious about her portrayal in the book, is not speaking to Dan. But her career is