REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Prince of Winterfell”

This is probably the most up to date post I've done in a while. So last nights episode was basically the set-up for next weeks amazefest episode "Blackwater", so basically that makes this one a yawnfest.Why do Theon's scenes always kick off with dead animals? Lol, wolf pelts last week

REVIEW: Game of Thrones “A Man Without Honor”

Hey all! I'm catching up quickly! So in last weeks episode of Game of Thrones we open up with "Prince" Theon waking up in a bed made up of wolf pelts (make of that what you will, I'm going with foreshadowing). Theon also really needs to work out if he

REVIEW: Game of Thrones “The Old Gods and the New”

Oh man guys, we're 6 episodes in already, 6! But this episode did not disappoint as we move towards the conclusion of the season.I'm getting spoiled by wanting a new destination on the map (just a little further beyond The Wall, is all I ask).Yes! This episode just dives straight

REVIEW: Game of Thrones “The Ghost of Harrenhal”

Ok wow, we're halfway through the season so here's fingers crossed that a lot happen this episode. And on with the show.Since they update the map pretty frequently I don't know why they don't update "The Wall" to "Out in the Middle of Nowhere" yet.Opening up at Renly's Camp, another

REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Garden of Bones”

Can I just say that with that title alone we are definitely in for a great episode? I can feel it.Opening sequence with two new locations, I am so lucky.Harrenhall isn't quite like I pictured it, but I'll take it, and Qarth definitely has the circled rings going for it.Okay