RAISING HOPE’s Long-Lost Brother

When Jimmy finds a childhood photo of himself with an older boy and a family he doesn’t know, Burt reveals that he and Virginia gave him up for adoption for a short time when they were teen parents.  Jimmy recruits Sabrina to forge a scheme to meet and bond with

Jimmy and Burt go clubbing on RAISING HOPE

It’s Halloween, and Sabrina asks Jimmy to hang out with her gay best friend and his partner. But first, Jimmy asks Burt to do some recon by spending time at the local gay bar. When Burt keeps going back to the bar, Virginia wonders if he’s enjoying his time there

Raising Hope: The Chances Go on a Couples Retreat

This week on Raising Hope: Melanie Griffith, Wilmer Valderrama, and Leslie Jordan Guest-Star!

Jimmy and Sabrina attend a marriage retreat led by a priest (guest star Jordan) before they get married. Not wanting to miss out on a free vacation, Virginia and Burt pose as a newly engaged couple, so they

Raising Hope Season 3 Premiere Previews

Tonight at 8pm, Raising Hope Season 3 premieres at 8pm on FOX. As Season Two came to a close, the Chance family learned that Hope’s serial killer mom, LUCY (guest star Bijou Phillips), had miraculously escaped capital punishment and was preparing to fight for custody of her daughter – that