PREVIEW: Royal Pains “Can of Worms” (PHOTOS)

Hank worries a patient may be under too much pressure to be the face of her own brand of “skinny” cocktails. One of Evan’s political detractors suffers an unfortunate accident that leads to a surprising silver lining. When Divya’s young neighbor falls ill, Jeremiah makes a diagnosis that hits Divya

PREVIEW: Royal Pains “Vertigo” (PHOTOS)

Hank becomes increasingly involved in the lives of Officer Don and his daughter, Molly, as he works to diagnose Don’s ongoing health issues. Divya treats a young superstar conductor, who may be too passionate about his music for his own good. Evan takes the first steps in his new political

PREVIEW: Royal Pains “Pregnant Paws” (PHOTOS)

Hank and Divya treat the owner of a doggy day care, who may be suffering from an unexpected occupational hazard. Jeremiah tries to figure out why a local shock-jock’s wild, on-air persona is spinning out of control. Meanwhile, Hank and Evan struggle to adjust to some very big news about

PREVIEW: Royal Pains “Lawson Translation” (PHOTOS)

Hank’s investigation into Boris’ death leads him far away, to a new patient and a shocking discovery. Divya and Jeremiah travel to Savannah, where they check out a hospital that’s revolutionizing health care, and treat a minor league baseball player with major league dreams. And Evan’s crusade at Village Hall