It’s Thanksgiving on UP ALL NIGHT

It's Thanksgiving on UP ALL NIGHT! THE BRINKLEY’S THANKSGIVING TAKES AN UNEXPECTED DETOUR – SEAN HAYES AND WILL SASSO GUEST STAR – When Reagan causes Chris to miss his favorite holiday—the annual Thanksgiving with his family back in Maryland— she's determined to give him an even better Thanksgiving at home.

Sean Hayes Guest Stars on UP ALL NIGHT

REAGAN WORRIES HER AGE IS CATCHING UP WITH HER WHILE AVA AND WALTER GET READY FOR HALLOWEEN – SEAN HAYES AND TONY HALE GUEST STAR on this week's Up All Night. After failing to get Chris’s attention, Reagan worries that she is losing her romantic touch. A visit to the

Up All Night “Another Saturday Night” (PHOTOS)

Tonight on Up All Night! REAGAN AND CHRIS HEAD FOR A LONG OVERDUE NIGHT OUT -- ROB HUEBEL GUEST STARS -- Reagan and Chris realize it has been months since their last night out and decide to paint the town with Ava and Jerry (guest star Rob Huebel). Meanwhile, on

Up All Night “Jerry Duty” (Photos)

Tonight on Up All Night...CHRIS RELIVES HIS COLLEGE DAYS WHEN HE REUNITES WITH HIS FORMER ROOMMATE - ROB HUEBEL GUEST STARS - After Chris runs into his annoying college roommate Jerry (guest star Rob Huebel), he is roped into attending a party and brings Ava along to keep him sane

Up All Night Season 2 Premiere Photos

Up All Night Season 2 is back with a bang! “THE AVA SHOW” IS CANCELLED IN SEASON TWO PREMIERE- Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Ava’s friendship is tested following the news of the show’s cancellation. Meanwhile, Reagan hires her brother Scott to help remodel their bathroom, and Chris decides to re-enter