PREVIEW: Girl Meets World Premiere

If you've been worried about the GIRL MEETS WORLD premiere, have no fear! I've seen the first episode and it's just adorable. It's funny and nostalgic. For anyone who grew up loving BOY MEETS WORLD, you'll probably enjoy this show about Corey and Topanga's pre-teen daughter Riley. For anyone who didn't

PREVIEW: Undateable Series Premiere (PHOTOS)

From Bill Lawrence ("Scrubs," "Spin City," "Cougar Town," "Clone High") and Adam Sztykiel ("Due Date," "Made of Honor"), "Undateable" is a new comedy series about a group of friends who are this close to finding a relationship - they just need a little help.

Whether it's due

ABOUT A BOY “About A Poker Night” 1×07 (PHOTOS)

FIONA DEALS HERSELF INTO WILL’S POKER GAME WHEN MARCUS GOES ON HIS FIRST SLEEPOVER–DAX SHEPARD GUEST STARS–Will (David Walton) throws a poker night for his friends, including Andy (Al Madrigal), Crosby (guest star Dax Shepard), TJ (guest star Zach Cregger) and Richard (guest star Keith Powell), but the event is

THE BLACKLIST “Milton Bobbit” 1×17 (PHOTOS)

“THE UNDERTAKER” SELLS THE PERFECT MURDER – DAMIAN YOUNG (“CALIFORNICATION”) GUEST STARS - Red (James Spader) and the team are on the hunt for “The Undertaker" (guest star Damian Young) – a life insurance claim adjuster who convinces ordinary people to become contract killers. Meanwhile, Liz (Megan Boone) works with

CHICAGO PD “At Least It’s Justice” 1×10 (PHOTOS)

HALSTEAD IS IN HOT WATER, HIS JOB IN JEOPARDY AS INTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATES THE MURDER OF A DOCTOR WHO HELPED JAIL MANY HEAVY HITTERS – Voight (Jason Beghe) pulls Halstead’s (Jesse Lee Soffer) badge when Lonnie Rodiger is found dead. After a car accident Severide (guest star Taylor Kinney) and Clarke

ABOUT A BOY “About A Buble” 1×06 (PHOTOS)

MARCUS PAYS A VISIT TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM WHERE WILL MEETS THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS–ADRIANNE PALICKI GUEST STARS–With Fiona (Minnie Driver) putting in extra hours at work, Marcus (Benjamin Stockham) finally gets his own house key, but he quickly loses his mom’s trust when Will (David Walton) has to