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PREVIEW: Girl Meets World Premiere

If you've been worried about the GIRL MEETS WORLD premiere, have no fear! I've seen the first episode and it's just adorable. It's ...


PREVIEW: Undateable Series Premiere (PHOTOS)

From Bill Lawrence ("Scrubs," "Spin City," "Cougar Town," "Clone High") and Adam Sztykiel ("Due Date," "Made of Honor"), "Undateable" ...

ARROW Season 2 Finale “Unthinkable” Review (VIDEO)

Anna reviews ARROW Season 2 Finale "Unthinkable". Arrow Season 2 Episode 23 "Unthinkable" from The TV Sisters on ...


Why I Disliked THE MINDY PROJECT Season Finale

I disliked THE MINDY PROJECT Season Finale. Here's why: I really love THE MINDY PROEJCT. The first season was flawless, the first half of the second was brilliant. The way they constructed every character, the use of their background characters; the careful building to Mindy and Danny's first kiss was ...

Son Of Man

REVIEW: The Tomorrow People “Son of Man” (VIDEO)

Anna catches you up on what happened on THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Season 1 Episode 22 "Son of Man". The Tomorrow People "Son of Man" from The TV Sisters on ...

REVIEW: Revenge “Impetus” (VIDEO)

Anna review REVENGE Season 3 Episode 21 "Impetus"! Revenge "Impetus" from The TV Sisters on

The 100 Season 1…So Far

Have you missed out on Season 1 of The 100, a new show on The CW? Anna catches you up here! The 100: Season 1 So Far from The TV Sisters on Vimeo. The 100 airs Wednesdays on The ...