Parenthood “Damage Control”

Hattie’s relationship with Alex continues to grow and her parents are getting curious. So Adam and Kristina invite Alex over for dinner to get to know him.
Meanwhile, Crosby struggles to disciple Jabbar. When Jasmine gets mad at Crosby for failing to stand up to their son about his chores, Crosby tries to walk the line between parent and friend.

On Thanksgiving, Zeke gave Drew a beer. And when Drew lets it slip to his friends at school, they convince him to let them drink with him. Zeke catches them in the garage but doesn’t tell Sarah. But when Drew’s guilt overcomes him, he tells his mom what happened. Joel and Julia are forced to explain death to Sydney when a bird flies into their glass door. She isn’t too happy when she discovers that everyone will die at some point.

After dinner with Alex, Adam and Kristina agree that while they like him, he’s too old for Hattie. So they have to break the news to her that she’s not allowed to see him anymore. Understandably, she’s very upset and the next day she goes back to the food bank to see Alex. When he asks what her parents said, she lies.

Eventually Sarah reveals to Drew that she’s concerned about him becoming an alcoholic like his father. After she reveals this fear to him, he understands why she was concerned about his underage drinking. He agrees to be careful with alcohol.
Crosby is finally able to convince Jabbar that as the parent, he is in charge. Jabbar starts to respect Crosby as his father.

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