Grey’s Anatomy “This is How We Do It”

This week Richard continued to ignore generally accepted moral values by trying to convince Derek to let Adele into the Alzheimer’s study by performing a risky and dangerous surgery on another patient…just to prove a point. And after she fails to get the 26 points needed on the admittance test, he continues to try to get her in but alas, she won’t.

Who knew three years ago that Meredith & Derek would be the most stable relationship at Seattle Grace (Mercy West). Well that day has finally come. They are blissfully drama-less this week.

Lexie’s relationship/fling with Dr. Avery heats up as Mark finally discovers the bad news. Alex butts in on April’s “friendship” with Dr. Stark by implying that Stark wants more than a friend. When April realizes that Alex is right, she lays down the law with Stark and cancels their date.

Meanwhile, Arizona and Mark throw Callie a baby shower where it’s quickly obvious that Mark is more into it than Arizona. But Callie reassures her that she can tell that Arizona is trying and that’s what matters. They celebrate by taking a trip to a Bed & Breakfast for the weekend but the episode ends with a crash, leaving their fates unknown.

Alex finally resolves the tension with Lucy (the OBGYN) after she hears from Meredith that he’s so pompous and obnoxious because of his troubled past. Apparently she digs that.

Teddy’s insurance-husband problems escalate when Henry is brought into the ER with chest pain. After an MRI it’s revealed that he has a tumor in his heart needing immediate surgery. But Chief Webber doesn’t want a wife operating on her husband so Cristina gets the surgery. Henry continues to pursue Teddy romantically to no avail. I have a feeling he isn’t ready to give up just yet.

I always enjoy the music in Grey’s but was especially happy to have Adele featured as the bookending artist with “Rumor Has It” opening up the episode and the heartbreaking “Someone Like You” closing it out.

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