FALL TV PODCAST: Yonas Michael and the Microphone

Hey guys. This week we were on our friend Yonas’ podcast talking about the new fall shows. Here it is with a link to download in iTunes if you’d prefer. Follow Yonas on Twitter: @yonasmichael

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And here are some notes about what we didn’t get to discuss because of time.

(Wednesdays at 8:30pm on ABC; starting Sept 28)
Starring Jane Levy from Shameless. Basic Premise: Levy’s character is banished from NYC to the suburbs to live with her father, played by Jeremy Sisto from Law & Order.

Pan Am
(Sundays at 10pm on ABC; starting Sept 25)
Biggest Competition: Sunday Night Football, CSI: Miami, new shows on AMC & Showtime
Starring Christina Ricci. Pan Am airline in 1963. Maiden flight of Boeing 707 from NY to Paris. Follows the captain, first mate and four stewardesses. One of the stewardesses, Kate, played by Kelli Garner, starts to use her position to become a spy. Often compared to Mad Men, for obvious reasons, but apparently isn’t that much like it. But better than The Playboy Club, another show premiering on NBC.

(Fridays at 9pm on NBC; starting Oct 21)
Biggest Competition: Supernatural, Fringe
Saw a clip at SDCC and it looked very fantastical. Basic premise: Grimms are humans who can see through the human front that mythical creatures portray. Also stars Nestor Carbonell from lost as FBI handler.

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