Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Premiere: Hour One “Free Falling”

The amount of angst in the first 5 minutes of the 8th season premiere episode is astounding. The epic Battle of the Sexes continues as Derek is furious with Meredith because she compromised his research and Owen is furious that Christina would consider aborting their baby. Christina and Meredith appear to have created some non-Lesbian partnership in which to raise Zola. Meanwhile Derek and Owen work on the terribly green-screened dream house in the woods.

Amber is in charge of everyone in title only. No one listens to a word she says. There’s no respect at all and her constant screw-ups aren’t helping her situation.

Some sort of gaping hole appears in the middle of the street, trapping a woman who had been fighting with her husband only moments before the accident. Her leg is trapped under the car and her husband has to cut it off (a la 127 Hours) because it’s too dangerous to send Owen or Torres into the hole. But when he chickens out, Owen has to go in anyway leading me to question why he didn’t just go in the first place. If for nothing else than to spare this poor guy from severing his wife’s leg. Maybe it’s some sort of marriage metaphor though. Like sometimes you have to sacrifice your own comfort for your spouse? I totally just made that up.

Meredith gets fired from the hospital and the only one who seems shocked is Meredith. But she has no life outside of the hospital (except Derek and Zola who both happen to physically be inside the hospital) so she can’t leave. That would make too much sense. Her social worker sees her at the hospital daycare and gets suspicious. Derek thinks it’s Meredith’s fault. They fight. When the social worker starts to dig deeper, Meredith does the motherly thing: she takes her kid and gets the heck out of dodge.

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