The Secret Circle “Pilot”

The new CW show The Secret Circle premiered Thursday. It stars Britt Robertson, as Cassie who, after her mother’s death, moves in with her grandmother and learns she is a witch. The show has a dark tone similar to its lead in show, The Vampire Diaries. This isn’t surprising since both series are based off book by the same author L.J. Smith.

The pilot episode was good. It introduced us to the main characters and to the show overall mystery. The acting was good especially from Britt (Cassie) and Thomas Dekker (Adam). The two have great chemistry which already has me shipping them.

The mystery surrounding the previous generation of the circle is intriguing. This previous generation, which consisted of the parents of current circle member as well as Cassie’s parents, was involved in some type of accident which lead to some deaths. I am interested in learning more about the accident as well as what are Charles and Dawn, surviving member of the previous generation and villains of the series, plans and how does it involve Cassie.

The next episode airs Thursday, September 22 at 8pm.

What'd you think?