REVIEW: Castle “Eye of the Beholder”

Episode 5 would’ve been a great night to play a CASTLE drinking game. Take a shot every time someone said “fist of capitalism” and you’d be wasted in the first five minutes.

When an art gallery owner is found impaled by one of his works of art and another piece of art is missing, an art insurance expert appears to have all the answers. Beckett seems to be a tad bit jealous when the guys take notice of her attractiveness. Castle’s mom attempts to set him up on a date but he’s not ready. Remember when a few months ago he told Beckett he loved her and she “forgot”? Yeah. I don’t think he’s over that. Or is he?

The hottie consultant, Serena, convinces the captain to let her join the team. She and Castle head to No-Cop-Land to talk to some shady informants. Beckett has a little green envy glow around her. Beckett vents to her therapist while Castle chats with his mother. She suggests he pursue a relationship with Serena and when he slyly asks Beckett her opinion, she reluctantly encourages him.

Plot twist! Serena may be the thief. So Beckett comes up with a crack plan for Castle to take Serena on a date to distract her so the team can case her room. But the seduction takes a quick turn and Castle distracts her with a kiss. Beckett catches them and essentially turns into The Hulk. She arrests Serena…for kissing Castle…and theft and murder. Mostly the first one. But unfortunately for Beckett, Serena isn’t the culprit. After a little cat-fight with Castle AND Serena she finally starts to acknowledge Serena’s expertise in thievery may be able to help them solve the case.

When Castle finally figures out where the “Fist of Capitalism” is, the girls play nice and work together to put the clues in place and capture the mysterious murderer. When it’s time for Serena to leave, Beckett swallows her pride and gives her unspoken permission to date Castle. But when it comes down to it, Serena tells Castle that she doesn’t take what doesn’t belong to her. Get it?

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  1. this is what I got from the entire episode

    Beckett is turning out to be a character who will not move ahead with her relationship with castle and will not even let him move on. Honestly its getting tired, frustrating and pathetic.

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