Recap: The Office #8.7 “Pam’s Replacement”

We open with Andy asking Erin to interrupt his meeting with a random client by faking a “very important phone call” so that he can ignore the call to show how important the meeting meant to him. Erin, in typical fashion, takes it about 300 steps too far and tells Andy that his mother died, that it was a horrible accident, and had Darryl pretend to be a cop on the phone to tell him the news. It was a great opening. Good job, Office.

In this episode, we actually address the business side of Pam being extremely pregnant. Sort of. Pam is training her replacement, Cathy, to take her place, but she starts to get insecure when the gentlemen of the office take notice of Cathy’s good looks. When Pam questions everyone about it, they all try to make her feel good about herself. This is the only scene in the history of ever that I actually agree with something Dwight says, that the opposite of attractive is Helen Mirren in a bikini (no offense, Helen).

Andy, Darryl, and Kevin have an office band, called “Kevin and the Zits.” While they get to their jam session down in the warehouse, Robert California shows up with his very manly harmonica and asks to play with them.

Meanwhile, Pam keeps trying to get Jim to admit that he thinks Cathy is attractive, but because Jim’s not a total moron, he denies everything. So, logically, Pam teams up with Dwight to discover the truth. I’m never getting pregnant if it makes people this crazy.

Although, to be completely honest, I kind of dig the Pam/Dwight pairing as a sort of platonic Bonnie and Clyde.

Dwight and Pam consult Kelly, who actually says something that makes sense. Ask a guy who he would set a girl up with, and if he chooses an attractive friend, that means that he thinks the girl is attractive (aka: the matchmaker test). It doesn’t work on Jim, though, because again, he’s savvy.

Down in the warehouse, Robert has brought some small-time celeb rockers to jam with Kevin and the Zits, but they end up booting Andy, Dwight, and Darryl from their own band.

Pam continues to try and reveal that Jim finds her replacement attractive, which luckily for everyone includes a WONDERFUL scene where Dwight continuously grabs Jim’s crotch.

Best. Scene. Ever.

Pam is so intent on making Jim admit feelings for the temp that she and Dwight haul him off to a blood pressure test at what looks like a Walgreens, while Dwight is horribly mean to an old man. Instead of proving anything, though, they discover that Jim has hypertension and things get a little serious.

Jim, Andy, and Darryl end up jamming out by a dumpster and it’s actually pretty nice.

The episode ends with an awesome drum-off. Kevin vs. Guest star Steve Moore, who was in Robert’s group.

Next week we get to see the whole gang take a field trip to Gettysburg! I’m gearing up.

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