Review: Once Upon A Time “The Price of Gold”

Sunday has finally come! I’m not even going to try to hide how much I absolutely adore this show.

So this episode begins with Cinderella! I was excited for when we started to meet characters from other fairy tales! Her story starts the night of the infamous ball. Her fairy godmother shows up to continue on with the story as we know it, but instead Rumpelstiltskin kills her for her wand. Cinderella, somehow unfazed, decides to make a deal with him: if he gets her to the ball/gets her out of this life she is living, then she will give him whatever he wants. They sign a contract and she heads for the ball.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Sheriff Graham offers Emma a deputy position at the Police Station. She refuses because she says she has a job. But the Sheriff concedes if she is going to stick around, she’ll need a job here in town.

We find out that Ashley, the teenage, pregnant maid is actually Cinderella. She hates how she is living and Emma encourages her to go out and live her own life, not to listen to everyone else.

Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) comes to visit Emma at Mary’s and asks her to find Ashley for him. Emma is worried that her advice may have led the scared, heavily pregnant girl to do something unsafe, so she agrees to look for her. Henry tags along, much to Emma’s dismay.

Back in the fairytale, Cinderella marries Prince James and they are living happily ever after. They are celebrating at the reception, and of course Snow White and Prince Charming are there. The four of them are besties and it makes my heart happy. (Have I mentioned that I adore this show?!) Everything is perfect until Rumpelstiltskin shows up and tells Cinderella that the thing he demands for helping her is her first born.

In Storybrooke, Emma finds out from “Prince James” aka Shaun and his father that Mr. Gold wants Ashley’s baby. They had all convinced her to sell the child to him. Ashley wanted her baby so she was trying to run away with it.

Back in the fairytale, Cinderella is pregnant! But distraught. She finally breaks down and tell the Prince, who assures her that they will figure it out. So Cinderella and the Prince decide to trick Rumpelstiltskin into a new deal so they don’t have to give him their child. It works and they entrap Rumpelstiltskin but not before he warns her about what will happen if she crosses him. Before they can make it back to the castle, Prince James has somehow gone missing. Rumpelstiltskin promises that Cinderella will never see him again until her debt is paid.

Storybrooke, Emma and Henry find Ashley out in the woods on the edge of the town about to give birth. She has a baby girl whom she names Alexandra. Mr. Gold shows up to take the child but Emma refuses to let him near it. He says Ashley can keep the baby if Emma makes a deal with him, she’ll owe him one. Shaun (Prince James) returns and the two decide to raise their daughter together.

Emma calls back the Sheriff to tell him that she’ll take the deputy job, because she wants to get some roots down and prove to herself and Henry that she can stay in one place for a while.

In a weird, shocking twist, we find out that Sheriff Graham and the Mayor are secretly sleeping together. Which is just weird and gross. But I guess we’ll just have to see how that plays out!

What'd you think?